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Related Fields Courses

(Revised: February 5, 2019)

Of the 11 courses comprising the Psychology and the Clinical Psychology major requirements, 2 are Related Field courses approved by the Department. The intent of this requirement is to have the student explore, in some depth, at least one other academic discipline with theories or methods related to Psychology. Beginning level courses, such as those often used to meet Distribution requirements, do not count as Related Field courses. However, in a number of departments, a large array of advanced courses does count, as indicated below.

The following list of related field courses for psychology is alphabetical, by department. For further information, such as course descriptions, please visit the department's website. Please note that the Department revised the related fields list in the summer of 2013. A few courses were removed from the list, either because they are no longer offered by the department in question or in an effort to be more consistent across departments in terms of which courses are on the list. But far more courses (and departments) were added to the list in the effort to offer Psychology majors a broader range of choices for fulfilling this requirement. The old list, used before the Fall 2013 semester, can be found here. Courses that appear on this old list but no longer are on the current list may still be used to fulfill related fields credit if they were take in the Fall 2013 semester or earlier. These courses that no longer appear on the list will not count for related fields credit if they are taken in the Spring 2014 semester or later.

Students may request an exception to count a non-listed course as a Related Field credit by sending a Related Fields Petition to the Director of the Undergraduate Program, Sam Sommers. Petitions must include an explanation why the course should be considered (using the criteria above), as well as a syllabus. The committee will examine the prerequisites that demonstrate that the course is beyond the beginning level, as well as the course's relationship to Psychology. Since most ExCollege courses do not have prerequisites, they are rarely approved as Related Field courses. Of course, Related Field courses must be taken for a grade to count towards the major.

Transfer of credit requests for a related fields course must go through SIS and must be approved by the department in question. For more information, visit Undergraduate FAQs. Extra Psychology courses (i.e., more than the required 9) cannot be substituted for Related Field courses. However, when a student minors or double majors in a department offering Related Field courses, courses may be used for both purposes, even though those courses are also counting toward a minor or another major. It is recommended, but not required, that both Related Field courses be taken in the same department. Some of the courses below are cross-listed in more than one department. As long as a course is listed below under any department, it counts toward the Related Field requirement regardless of the department in which the student actually registered for the course. However, any course that is cross-listed as a Psychology course is not eligible for Related Field credit.

Africana Studies: (visit department website)
118: (Mis-)Translating Vodun: Africana Religious Cultures and the Politics of Interpretation
129: African Politics
150: African-American Memory & History
183: Urban Borderlands
155: American Women Writers 167: Critical Race Theory
American Studies: (visit department website)
118: (Mis-)Translating Vodun: Africana Religious Cultures and the Politics of Interpretation
131: Active Citizenship in an Urban Community
141: Innovative Social Enterprises
155: American Women Writers
181: Community Health Internship Seminar
182: Community Health Education: Theory and Practice
183: Urban Borderlands
185: Native American Issues
186: Critical Race Theory
Anthropology: (visit department website)
102: Sophomore Seminar: Children and Youth in War Zones
117: Coming of Age in Contemporary Africa
118: Culture and Power in Africa
119: Peoples of the Middle East
120: Contemporary Chinese Society
121: The Politics of Knowledge
122: Women and Modernity in Asia
124: American Diversity
126: Food, Nutrition, and Culture
128: Mesoamerican Archeology
130: History of Anthropological Thought
131: Anthropology of Religion
132: Myth, Ritual, and Symbol
135: Visual Anthropology
137: Language and Culture
140: After Violence: Truth, Justice, and Social Repair
144: Popular Cultures of the Middle East
145: Power, Politics, and Protest
146: Global Feminisms
148: Medical Anthropology
150: Human Evolution
155: Environment, Culture and Communication
162: Anthropological Approaches to Art and Aesthetics
163: Politics of African Religious Experience
164: Media, the State, and the Senses
180: Interventions in Africa: Violence and Technologies of Repair
181: Anthropology and Feminism
182: Human Physique
184: Festivals and Politics in Latin America
186: Architecture of Utopia - Theatres of Community
187: Place, Race, Memory: The West Medford Afro-American Remembrance Project
188: Culture, Psychiatry & the Politics of Madness
Art History: (visit department website)
110: Japanese Art and the West
138: The Renaissance Body
173: Blackness: Digesting Differences in African American Art
183: Gender in Latin American Art
184: Latin American Cinema
186: The Latino Presence in Art and Visual Culture
Biology: (visit department website)
41: General Genetics
49: Experiments in Physiology
52: Experiments in Cell Biology
53: Experiments in Genetics
75: Comparative Vertebrate Physiology
97: Seminar in Contemporary Biosocial Problems in America
102: Human Genetics
103: Developmental Biology
104: Immunology
105: Molecular Biology
110: Endocrinology
115: General Physiology I
116: General Physiology II
119: Biophysics
130: Animal Behavior
131: Principles of Medical Imaging
134: Neurobiology
142: Population and Community Ecology
143: Evolutionary Ecology
144: Principles of Conservation Biology
152: Biochemistry and Cellular Metabolism
171: Biochemistry I
172: Biochemistry II
187: The Mammalian Central Nervous System
Biomedical Engineering: (visit department website)
25: Biophysics
125: Biophysics
131: Principles of Medical Imaging
161: Human Factor Product Design
166: Computer Interface Design
Chemistry: (visit department website)
51: Organic Chemistry I
52: Organic Chemistry II
135: Biophysical Chemistry
156: Biochemistry
157: Medicinal Chemistry
171: Biochemistry I
172: Biochemistry II
Child Study and Human Development: (visit department website)
51: Intellectual Development in Young Children
61: Personal-Social Development
62: Childhood across Cultures
64: Parent-Child Relationships
68: Adolescent Development and the Transition to Adulthood
82: Social Policy for Children and Families
85: Promoting Positive Youth Development: Applying Developmental Science in the Community
90: The Exceptional Child
114: Children and New Technologies
115: Applied Elementary Curriculum
116: Interdisciplinary Elementary Curriculum
117: Interdisciplinary Elementary Curriculum
120: Evaluation of the Young Child
122: Assessing Young Children with Special Needs
124: American Sign Language and the Deaf Community
125: American Sign Language II
126: American Sign Language III
145: Technological Tools for Thinking and Learning
149: Evidence-Based Interventions with Children and Youth
151: Advanced Intellectual Development of Young Children
152: Development of Thought and Language
153: Culture and Learning: Issues for Education
154: Development of Literacy
155: The Young Child's Development of Language
156: Applied Aspects of Physiological Development
157: Theories of Spiritual Development
158: Psychological Study of Creativity
159: Understanding Child Development Through Film
160: Children and Family Change
161: Advanced Personal-Social Development
162: Child, Family, and Society
163: Infancy
164: Cultural Diversity in Child and Family Services
165: Families, Schools, and Child Development
166: Children's Play and the Developing Imagination
167: Children and the Mass Media
168: Adolescent Development and the Transition to Adulthood
170: Development of Literacy
171: Curricula for Young Children
172: Reading and Language Arts
173: Curricula for Young Children: Math, Science, Technology
174: Designing Educational and Therapeutic Environments
176: Children's Literature
177: Bilingual Children in U.S. Schools
178: Creative Movement and Body Language
179: Child Art
180: Rights of Children to Social Services
181: Child Care: Policy and Practice
182: Social Policy for Children and Families
183: Child Advocacy Educational Rights184:
184: Science and Math Curricula for Teachers of Young Children
187: Seminar in Government Policy and the Family
188: Seminar in Government Policy and the Family
189: Human Animal Interaction in Childhood and Adolescence
190: Children with Special Needs
191: Developmental Psychopathology and Adaptation
192: Approaches to Problem Behaviors in Children
193: Pediatric Psychology
194: Developmental Disorders in Language and Reading
195: Developmental Disorders in Language and Reading
196: Curriculum for Children with Special Needs
197: Learning Disorders
Civil & Environmental Engineering: (visit department website)
137: Public Health
154: Principles of Epidemiology
158: Occupational and Environmental Health
164: Epidemiologic Methods
167: Environmental Toxicology
173: Health Effects and Risk Assessment
187: Geographical Information Systems
Classics: (visit department website)
110: Empresses, Saints, and Scholars: The Women of Byzantium
123: Philosophy of Law
146: History of Ancient Greek & Roman Medicine
147: Greece, Rome, and China
148: Time and Festivals in the Ancient World
158: Women in Greek Mythology
170: Indo-European Linguistics
Community Health: (visit department website)
104: Women and Health
106: Health, Ethics, and Policy
107: Science and Practice of Medicine
108: Epidemics: Plagues, Peoples, and Politics
109: Community Action in Public Health
110: Psychoactive Drugs: Issues, Policies, and Intervention
182: Community Health Education: Theory and Practice
183: Religion, Health, and Healing
185: Community Health and Drugs
186: Seminar in International Health Policy
187: Seminar: Health Policy for Aging Populations
189: Seminar in Health Politics
190: Social Capital and Mental Health
Computer Science: (visit department website)
14: Computational Concepts in Biological and Cognitive Sciences
15: Data Structures
20: Multimedia Programming
23: Game Development
40: Computer Architecture
105: Programming Languages
131: Artificial Intelligence
132: Decision Theory and Artificial Intelligence
135: Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining
136: Statistical Pattern Recognition
170: Computational Theory
171: Human-Computer Interaction
Drama: (visit department website)
100: Acting III
137: Theatre and Society: Prehistory to 1700
138: Theatre and Society II: The Early Modern Period
140: Performing America, Exploring Identity
143: Gay & Lesbian Theatre
144: Asian Performance
148: African American Theatre and Film
149: Asian American Theatre and Film
151: Latino Theatre and Film
170: Latin American Theatre and Film
187: Teaching Through Drama and Improvisation
Economics: (visit department website)
11: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
16: Quantitative Microeconomic Theory
24: Game Theory and Its Application to the Social Sciences
30: Environmental Economics
43: Women in Labor Market
48: Economics of Health
62: Economics of International Migration
77: Economics Organization
100: Foundational Ideas in Economic Theory
108: Applications of Econometrics
114: Behavioral Economics
119: Quantitative Games & Information
127: Urban Economics
130: Topics in Environmental Economics
140: Labor Economics
142: Topics in Noncompetitive Labor Markets
144: Income Inequality, Poverty, and Economic Justice
165: Labor and Global Supply Chains
170: Industrial Organization
171: Topics in Industrial Organization
175: Economics of Management and Strategy
177: Economics Organization
179: Law and Economics
Education: (visit department website)
110: History and Social Studies Curricula
111: Development of Knowledge and Reasoning in the Science Curriculum
112: Mathematics Learning Environment
113: Language Arts Curricula in the Middle & Secondary School
114: Linguistic Approaches to Second-language Acquisition
115: Applied Elementary Curricula
116: Interdisciplinary Elementary Curricula
117: Interdisciplinary Elementary Curricula
118: Curriculum and Practices of Teaching in the Middle School
130: Human Development and Learning
140: Behavior Management in the Classroom
142: Education of the Exceptional Child
146: Introduction to Counseling Children and Adolescents
160: Comparative Education
161: Sociology of the School
162: Class, Race, and Gender in the History of U.S. Education
163: Philosophies of Education
164: Education for Peace and Justice
165: Educating Women and Girls
166: Masculinities in Urban Schooling
167: Critical Race Theory
181: Curriculum Development
182: Technological Tools for Thinking and Learning
186: Leadership in Community Service
187: Teaching Through Drama and Improvisation
189: The Role of "Story" in Education
Electrical Engineering: (visit department website)
100: Design of Medical Instrumentation
104: Probabilistic Systems Analysis
105: Feedback Control Systems
106: Advanced Feedback-Control Systems
107: Communication Systems I
108: Communication Systems II
120: Computer Animation for Technical Communications
126: Computer Engineering
127: Information Theory
128: Operating Systems
129: Computer Communications Networks
131: Principles of Medical Imaging
133: Digital Image Processing
Engineering Psychology: (visit department website)
161: Human Factor Product Design
162: Human-Machine System Design
163: Analytical Methods in Human Factors Engineering
166: Computer Interface Design
171:Industrial Ergonomics for Manufacturing
181: Fuzzy Sets and Genetic Algorithms
Engineering Science: (visit department website)
55: Numerical Methods
56: Probability and Statistics
65: Music Recording and Production
101: Numerical Methods
152: Engineering Systems: Stochastic Models
English: (visit department website)
77: The Modern Mind
147: The African-American Novel
154: American-Indian Writers
155: American Women Writers
161: Memory for Forgetting
167: What the Novel Knows
168: "Home is Where the Hatred Is"
171: Women and Fiction
174: Sexuality, Literature, and Contemporary Criticism
177: Feminism, Literature, Theory
178: African-American Criticism and Theory
179: Criticism and Society
180: Psychoanalysis and Cultural Criticism
186: How Films Think
Entrepreneurial Leadership: (visit department website)
105: Entrepreneurial Marketing
107: Entrepreneurial Leadership
141: Innovative Social Enterprises
Environmental Studies: (visit department website)
25: Environment & Technology
122: Biotechnology: Social and Environmental Issues
130:  Animal Behavior
142: Population and Community Ecology
143: Evolutionary Biology
144: Principles of Conservative Biology
155: Environment, Culture and Communications
History: (visit department website)
102: Slavery & Freedom in the Atlantic World
103: Consumption, Power, and Identity: Food and Clothing in Modern Times
104: Gender, Travel, and Imperialism
105: Greece, Rome, and China
110: Race, Class, and Power in Southern Africa
111: Africa and the Diaspora to the Americas
123: Urban Society in Industrial America
124: Sickness and Health in America
125: Women and Religion in America, 1900 to Present
127: Religion, Race, and Nation in American History
128: The Civil Rights Movement
129: Black Political Thought in the Twentieth Century
135: Gender & Sexuality in Japanese History
139: Women and Gender in East Asian Tradition
155: Women, Gender, and Family, 1200-1800
156: Science, Magic and Society, 1100-1700
Linguistic: (visit department website)
103: Logic
112: Syntactic Theory
114: Linguistic Approached to Second Language Acquisition
133: Philosophy of Language
137: Language & Culture
155: Development of Language
177: Bilingual Studies Us
195: Developmental Disorders in Language and Reading
Mathematics: (visit department website)
51: Differential Equations
61: Discrete Mathematics
63: Number Theory
70: Linear Algebra
112: Topics in the History of Mathematics
126: Numerical Analysis
128: Numerical Linear Algebra
135: Real Analysis I
136: Real Analysis II
161: Probability
162: Statistics
167: Differential Geometry
168: Algebraic Topology
170: Computation Theory
Mechanical Engineering: (visit department website)
84: Introductory Robotics and Mechatronics 
118: Thermal Fluid Sciences
136: Noise and Vibration Control
139: Acoustics
152: Biomechanics
180: Computer Control Systems
184: Robotics
Occupational Therapy: (visit department website)
106: Occupation and Adaptation in the Child and Adolescent
107: Occupation and Adaptation in the Adult Years
Peace and Justice Studies: (visit department website)
109: Community Action and Social Movements in Public Health
111: Making Social Change Happen
120: Sociology of War and Peace
128: The Civil Rights Movement
130: Wealth, Poverty, and Inequality
135: Social Movements
141: Global Justice
164: Education for Peace and Justice
172: War and American Values
Philosophy: (visit department website)
103: Logic
114: Topics in Logic
116: Philosophy of Science
117: Philosophy of Mind
118: Philosophy of Biology
120: Metaphysics
121: Ethical Theory
123: Philosophy of Law
124: Bioethics
125: Racism and Social Inequality
126: Theories of Human Nature
128: Human Rights: History and Theory
130: Moral Psychology
131: Epistemology
133: Philosophy of Language
134: Philosophy of Social Science
141: Global Justice
151: Ancient Philosophy
152: History of Modern Philosophy
155: Twentieth-Century American and British Philosophy
161: Empiricism
163: Rationalism
167: Science Before Newton's Principia
168: Newton's Principia
170: Computation Theory
185: From Hegel to Nietzsche
186: Phenomenology and Existentialism
197: Seminar in Ethics, Law, and Society
Physics: (visit department website)
25: Biophysics  
Political Science: (visit department website)
104: Race, Sex, Class, and Law
106: Racial and Ethnic Politics in the United States
107: American Elections
108: African-American Politics
109: Seminar: The Politics of Ethnicity and American Identity
110: Political Parties
111: Political Psychology
112: Media, Politics, and Law
113: Non-Profits and Civil Society
114: Political Representation in the US
116: Judicial Politics
117: Politics of the American South
128: Gender, Work, and Politics in East Asia
129: African Politics
135: Comparative Revolutions
144: Meaning of America
146: Liberty, Morality, and Virtue
153: Seminar: Democracy, Law, and Moral Politics
160: Force, Strategy, and Arms Control
163: Seminar: Ethnicity and American Foreign Policy
164: Seminar: International Cooperation
166: Seminar: International Cooperation
167: Studies in War and Empire
174: The Rise and Fall of Great Powers
176: Migration, Refugees, and Citizenship in a Globalized World
181: Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
Religion: (visit department website)
101: Women and Religion in America, 1900 to Present
102: Religion, Race, and Nation in American History
103: Martyrs, Mystics, and Melancholics: Christian Spirituality and the Body
104: Feminist Theologies
105: Re-imagining God
118: (Mis-)Translating Vodun: Africana Religious Cultures and the Politics of Interpretation
160: Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Christianity
134: Myth, Ritual, and Symbol
143: Sociology of Religion
157: Theories of Spiritual Development
Sociology: (visit department website)
103: Survey of Social Theory
106: Political Sociology
108: Epidemics
110: Racial and Ethnic Minorities
111: Making Social Change Happen
112: Crime and Delinquency
113: Urban Sociology
114: Sociology of Leadership
120: Sociology of War and Peace
121: Sociology of Law
125: Social Organization of Sexual Behavior
130: Wealth, Poverty, and Inequality
135: Social Movements
141: Medical Sociology

143: Sociology of Religion
145: Science, Technology, and Society
180: Sociology of Mental Health
181: The Arts in Society
182: Crime and the Media
184: Nonprofits, States, and Markets
185: Seminar in Mass Media
186: International Health Policy
187: Immigrant Children and the Children of Immigrants
190: (seminar) Immigration: Public Opinion, Politics, and Media
Urban & Environmental Policy: (visit department website)
100: Leadership for Active Citizenship
122: Biotechnology: Social and Environmental Issues
130: Negotiation, Mediation, and Conflict Resolution
172: Strategies for Social Change
181: Homelessness in America
183: Child Care: Policy and Practice
188: Seminar in Government Policy and the Family
Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies: (visit department website)
140: Feminist Theologies
141: Women and Gender in East Asian Tradition
142: Religion, Violence, and Sexuality
150: Feminism, Literature, Theory
152: American Women Writers
160: Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Christianity
162: Gender, Work, and Politics in East Asia
163: Global Feminisms
170: Cultural Diversity in Child and Family Services