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Undergraduate Program

Choosing a Major: Concentrations

This major is intended for students interested in a general and flexible exploration of experimental psychology. Eleven courses are needed.

An interdepartmental major for students particularly interested in neurobiology and animal behavior. Required courses: five in biology and five in psychology.

Clinical Psychology
This major is intended for students interested in entering graduate or professional school in mental health or human services and/or wanting to work with psychiatric patients after graduation.

Cognitive and Brain Sciences (CBS)
Cognitive and Brain Science is an inherently interdisciplinary area, drawing on psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy of mind, computer science, and biology. A Cognitive and Brain Science degree provides an excellent preparation for careers in the sciences, computer fields, health professions, law, and education.

Engineering Psychology
An interdisciplinary program offered jointly by the Departments of Engineering Design and Psychology. Engineering Psychology, more commonly called "Human Factors," applies knowledge of human behavior and attributes to the design of equipment, machines, and large-scale systems for human use. Areas of application include biomedical engineering, environmental design, and consumer product design. Students in the College of Engineering or Liberal Arts will receive the Bachelor of Science degree from their respective colleges after meeting the general requirements set by each college.

Important Notes: Psychology, Biopsychology, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive and Brain Sciences, and Engineering Psychology majors may not double major in any of the other majors offered by the Psychology Department.

The Psychology department does not have a minimum grade criterion for counting a course toward any of its five majors; a passing grade is what is required.

There is no major in Psychology.

A minor in CBS and a minor in Linguistics are also available; both programs are administered by the Department of Philosophy.