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Undergraduate Program

Concentration: Engineering Psychology

An interdisciplinary program offered jointly by the Departments of Engineering Design and Psychology. Engineering Psychology, more commonly called "Human Factors," applies knowledge of human behavior and attributes to the design of equipment, machines, and large-scale systems for human use. Areas of application include biomedical engineering, environmental design, and consumer product design. Students in the College of Engineering or Liberal Arts will receive the Bachelor of Science degree from their respective colleges after meeting the general requirements set by each college.

Fifteen courses distributed as follows:

  • Engineering Science 2 - Introduction to Computing in Engineering
  • Engineering Science 18 - Computer Aided Design w/ Lab
  • Engineering Psychology 61- Introduction to Human Factors and Ergonomics
  • Engineering Psychology 120 - Project Study In Human Systems
  • Engineering Design 161 - Human Factors in Product Design
  • Engineering Design 162 - Man-Machine System Design
  • Psych 1 - Intro to Psychology OR Psych 9 - Intro to Cognitive and Brain Science
  • Psychology 17- Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Psychology 31- Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
  • Psychology 32 - Experimental Psychology
  • Psychology 53 - Engineering Psychology
  • Psychology 130 - Advanced Engineering Psychology
  • Physics 11 - General Physics I OR Computer Science 11 - Intro to Computer Science
  • Mathematics 32 or 39 or 61 OR Computer Science 15 - Data Structures
  • Psychology Elective

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