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Undergraduate Program

Concentration: Clinical Psychology

Frequently Asked Questions

Section 1. Thinking about Majoring in Clinical Psych?

What is the major difference between a clinical psychology major and a general psychology major?

If I do a Clinical Psych Major, would that limit my career options later?

What are the full requirements for a Clinical Psych Major?

Should the requirements for the major be taken in order?

How should I plan to factor in study abroad?

I am a rising Junior and I just decided to be a clinical psych major. What courses should I have completed by the end of my junior year?

If I think that I want a career in clinical psychology, is it necessary that I am a Clinical Psych Major?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a clinical psychology major?

Is the Senior Clinical Internship (Psy 181/182) available for other psychology majors?

If I don't do the Clinical Psych Major, can I still get clinical experience?

If I arrange my own clinical opportunity experience, can I get course credit for this?

What is the Senior Capstone in Clinical Psychology opportunity?

Who can take the clinical internship seminar (Psy 181/182)?

Is it possible to be a Clinical Psych major and do an Honors Thesis in conjunction with the Clinical Psych Internship?

Section 2. I am a Clinical Psych Major: What should I expect in my Senior Year?
Internship (PSY 181/182): Senior Capstone in Clinical Psychology/Clinical Internship

What is expected of me in the clinical internship and internship seminar (Psy 181/182)?

What types of internships are available?

Can you provide a list of internships that are available?

How does placement at my internship site happen?

Will I have any choice in my placement?

How can I arrange my schedule during my senior year to prepare for the internship?

Can I count previous volunteer experience in a clinical psych setting toward the Senior Capstone in Clinical Psychology?

I am a combined Community Health and Clinical Psychology major. Can I combine my internship requirements for each major through one internship?

I am a combined Child Study and Human Development and Clinical Psychology major. Can I combine my internship requirements for each major through one internship?

Can I work at two different internships over the course of the year (e.g. one each semester)?

Can I study abroad during my senior year if I am doing the clinical psych internship?

I am a clinical psych major and am in the Spring semester of my junior year. What can I do to think ahead about the Clinical Psych Internship?

I am near the end of the Spring semester of my junior year. How do I register for the Psy 181 seminar for the Fall semester of my senior year?

Do I have a choice in the precise time-slot for the Psy 181/Psy 182 seminars?

When should I expect to hear more about the internship program and Psy 181/182?

I am a clinical psych major and am going to be abroad in the Spring semester before my senior year. Therefore, I can't attend the meeting in the Spring semester. When should I contact Dr. Kuperberg or Harder about my Psy 181/182 clinical internship?

I am interested in beginning my internship early by volunteering over the summer. Is this possible?

If I have completed all my course credits required for the Clinical Psych Major, can I enroll in ONLY Psy 181/182 (the internship) during my senior year?

How does class credit work if I don't get a grade until after the second semester?

3: Internship Placement process
(End of Spring semester, summer, beginning of Fall semester)

I am interested in being placed in an internship. Is there a list of all internships available?

What are the benefits of finding my own internship?

What are the benefits of being placed by you?

What will my official status at my internship be, as a clinical psych major at Tufts?

Who is my supervisor at my internship site?

What should I expect from the senior seminar, Psy 181/182?

Do I have to go to the senior seminars (Psy 181/182)?

How does grading work for the seminar?

How does my internship performance get assessed?


How do you match people with their internship sites?

What is the timing of getting placed at an internship site?

What is the process of placement?

What happens if the internship opportunity that I thought that I had falls through?

What happens if I am placed at an internship site that I'm not sure I want to be at?


I want to find my own placement. Are there any specific requirements that I should be aware of?

I want to find my own placement. How do I go about doing this?

When I begin contacting potential supervisors, what should I make clear to them about the internship?


How do I write a professional letter?

Do you have any interview tips?

I've interviewed at my placement site and my supervisor wants to know if they need to do any paperwork for Tufts. What should I tell them?


I have been accepted at an internship. What should I do now?

What can I do to prepare for my placement so that I can get things going soon after the semester begins?

I have a conflict with the Psy 181/182 seminar that I am assigned to? What should I do?

I am near the end of the Fall semester of my senior year. How do I register for Psy 182 seminar for the Spring semester of my senior year?

Section 4: Career after Tufts

How do I find jobs after graduation?

How do I write a good cover letter for a job search?

Do you recommend any books regarding job search?

What further training is required if I want to work with clients with clinical problems in my career after I graduate?

What is the difference between Psy.D. and Ph.D?

Are there any differences in career options of the Psy.D. and Ph.D. besides the amount of research?

Is there any benefit having majored in clinical psych when it comes to getting into a Psy.D. or Ph.D. program?

Aside from pursuing a Psy.D. or Ph.D., what other career trajectories are available to clinical psych majors?