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Undergraduate Program

Concentration: Clinical Psychology

This major is intended for students interested in entering graduate or professional school in mental health or human services and/or wanting to work with psychiatric patients after graduation.

Students who score 4 or 5 on the Psychology AP test place into two-digit psychology courses and may skip PSY 1. Please note that the Psychology AP does not translate into a University credit (that is, it does not count toward the 34 credits needed to graduate). A score of 5 completely substitutes for PSY 1 within the clinical major, meaning that students need only 7 required courses as listed above to complete the major. Clinical majors with an AP score of 4 place out of PSY 1 but must take an additional psychology elective in lieu of it for the major. Successful completion of Child Development 1 is treated the same way as an AP score of 4.

The requirements are as follows:

  1. Eight Required Courses:
  2. Two Elective Psychology Courses:
    A student majoring in clinical psychology must take two electives, one of which must be a 100-level (and no more than one of which may be independent study). For information see courses listed under Psychology.
  3. Two Related Field Courses:
    Two related field courses must be taken in order to complete the major requirements. For more information see courses listed under Related Fields.

You may also contact the advising faculty for the clinical psychology majors for further information:

If you are considering a Clinical Psychology major, please visit our FAQ page for commonly asked questions.