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Undergraduate Program

Concentration: Biopsychology

An interdepartmental major for students particularly interested in neurobiology and animal behavior. Biopsychology majors may not double major in Psychology or Biology. Required courses: five in Biology and five in Psychology, of at least 3 semester-hour credits each. These include the following:


NOTE: Tufts will award 1 credit for PSY 25 or for PSY 103, but not separate credits for both courses due to their substantial overlap. A Biopsych major who has already taken PSY 25 should not take PSY 103, but instead should select an additional, third elective from the list above in order to complete the Psychology component of the major requirements.


  • Biology 13 - Cells and Organisms
  • Biology 41 - General Genetics
  • Biology 130 - Animal Behavior

    Plus one course in animal physiology chosen from among:
  • Biology 75 - Comparative Vertebrate Physiology
  • Biology 110 - Endocrinology
  • Biology 117 - Physiology of Movement
  • Biology 115 - General Physiology I
  • Biology 116 - General Physiology II
  • Biology 134 - Neurobiology

    And an additional elective in biology (BIO 13 or higher course number)

Majors are encouraged to elect an advanced laboratory course in either department. Consult the department of either Biology or Psychology for details about this program.