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Get Involved!

Are you a current undergraduate or aspiring graduate student that is interested in getting some research experience?

Twice per year, the TUSC lab seeks responsible, motivated, and engaged undergraduates to join us as research assistants (RAs) in the lab. We give special priority to students who are interested in signing up to work in the lab for research credit and able to commit to 2 semesters in the lab. Signing up for research credit (PSY 091, 092, 191, or 192), requires a commitment of 8-10 hours per week.

If you are interested in applying for a position, please complete this application.

For RA positions for the Summer and/or Fall semester*:
Applications should be submitted: February 1-March 15
Applications will be considered: March 15-April 15

* Depending on lab needs, additional applications may be considered on a rolling basis between June 1-July 31.

For RA positions for the Spring semester:
Applications should be submitted: September 1-October 29
Applications will be considered: October 29-November 15

Positions are available for credit (PSY 91/92), or on a volunteer basis.

I also periodically consider applicants for our graduate program.

Contact Professor Maddox for information about opportunities.