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Want to know what type of research is going on in the department? Look below, or view The Psychology Dept. Lab Directory (PDF) for a complete list of department labs, affiliated professors, and lab locations. Also, look below to see if the lab, program, or center you are interested in has a website.

Laboratories are located in 490 Boston Ave. unless otherwise noted.

Laboratory Affiliated Professors Room #
Tufts Applied Cognition Lab Nathan Ward 490 Boston Avenue, Room 016
Avian Visual Cognition Lab Robert Cook 530 Boston Ave., Bacon Hall
Behavioral Endocrinology Lab Joe DeBold 218, 219
Cognitive Aging and Memory Lab Ayanna Thomas 209, 211
Cognitive Development Lab Paul Muentener 016
Diversity & Intergroup Relations Lab Sam Sommers 222-225
Emotion, Brain, & Behavior Laboratory Heather Urry 043
Human Interaction Lab Jan P. de Ruiter 200 Boston Ave, Unit 2580
Memory & Cognition Lab Richard Chechile 207, 208, 210
Music Cognition Lab Ani Patel 014-020
NeuroCognition Laboratories
  * Words & Bilingualism
  * NeuroCognition of Language Lab

Phil Holcomb
Gina Kuperberg

209, 211
Nutrition & Behavior Lab Robin Kanarek 318-320
Probabilistic Reasoning Lab Raymond S. Nickerson 204
Psycholinguistics & Linguistics Lab Ariel Goldberg 050
Psychopathology Lab Lisa Shin 213, 214, 217
Psychopharmacology Lab Klaus Miczek 530 Boston Ave., Bacon Hall
Social Identity and Stigma Lab Jessica Remedios 021
Spatial Cognition Lab Holly Taylor 302-306
Tufts University Social Cognition (TUSC) Lab Keith Maddox 222-225

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