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The Applied Diversity Science Initiative

Evaluation and Consultation Projects

BEST - Bridge to Engineering Success at Tufts
In conjunction with the Undergraduate Admissions Office, Tufts School of Engineering and the Center for STEM Diversity direct a six-week summer bridge program for incoming engineering students. The Bridge to Engineering Success at Tufts (BEST) program is designed to give nominated students an opportunity to take two Tufts courses for credit and participate in academic- and college-life workshops designed to assist first-year underrepresented students transition from high school to college. Upon completion of the summer program, the BEST scholars will continue to meet throughout the academic year. The cohort will participate in the same pre-major advising group, meet for lectures and workshops, and have access to mentoring from other engineering students and tutors. Scholars will also be encouraged to meet for regular social events and study group hours to ensure their social and academic success.

BLAST - Bridge to Liberal Arts Success at Tufts
The Bridge to Liberal Arts Success (BLAST) vision is to develop a strong cohort of scholars from multiple backgrounds who strive for academic excellence, active citizenship, and leadership. BLAST works to instill leadership values that last each scholar for his or her entire college career and beyond. The purpose of the program is to support, develop, and retain students who may be first in their family to attend a four year college, and/or have attended under resourced high school and/or have been affiliated with a college access agency. BLAST is a residential six-week program in the summer prior to the first year at Tufts with program commitments during each of the following academic years. This program prepares students for a rigorous college curriculum and orientation to Tufts culture and resources to provide for a successful transition. Scholars are introduced to engaging speakers in workshops and offered leadership development training that cultivates active citizenship.