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Graduate Students

A. Chyei Vinluan

Ph.D. Expected 2021, Tufts University, Social Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Jessica Remedios, Ph.D.

B.S. 2013, University of Illinois at Chicago
Majors: Biological Sciences & General Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Courtney Bonam, Ph.D.

Research Interests
Chyei's general research interests are the effects of identity, stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination of interracial interactions. More specifically, her research focuses on the perceptions and experiences of individuals with one or more stigmatized identities primarily focusing on Multiracials and Women of color.

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Muna AkhtarMuna Akhtar

Ph.D. Expected 2020, Tufts University, Social Psychology
Advisor: Jessica Remedios, Ph.D.

B.S. 2014, Loyola University Chicago
Major: Psychology

Research Interests
Muna is interested in studying stigma, discrimination, and stereotypes. More specifically, she wants to know how context, and how having multiple identities affect the process of attributing an outcome to discrimination.

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Lindsay HinzmanLindsay Hinzman

Ph.D. Expected 2019, Tufts University, Social Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Keith B. Maddox

B.A. 2010, Colgate University
Major: Behavioral neuroscience

Minor: English literature

Research Interests
I investigate person perception from two perspectives of intergroup contact: non-stigmatized and stigmatized individuals'. In one line of work, I examine mental representations of social groups and whether exposure to typical versus atypical group members leads to stereotype change. In another, I examine how a perceiver's identity as a stigmatized group member influences face-processing.

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