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Joseph F. DeBold
Professor of Psychology

Representative Publications

  • Boyson, C.O., Holly, E.N., Shimamoto, A., Albrechet-Souza, L., Weiner, L.A., DeBold, J.F., and Miczek, K.A. (2014) Social stress and CRF-dopamine interactions in the VTA: Role in long-term escalation of cocaine self-administration. Journal of Neuroscience 34: 6659-6667.
  • Frye C.A., Petralia S.M., Rhodes M.E., and DeBold J.F. (2010) 6-Hydroxydopamine lesions enhance progesterone-facilitated lordosis of rats and hamsters, independent of effects on motor behavior. Physiol. Behav. 99: 218-224.
  • Takahashi, A., Shimamoto, A., Boyson, C.O., DeBold, J.F. and Miczek, K.A. (2010) GABAB receptor modulation of serotonin neurons in the dorsal raphé nucleus and escalation of aggression in mice. J. Neurosci. 30: 11771-11780.
  • Takahashi, A., Kwa, C., DeBold, J.F. and Miczek, K.A. (2010) GABAA receptors in the dorsal raphé nucleus of mice: Escalation of aggression after alcohol consumption. Psychopharmacology 211: 467–477
  • Hwa, L.S., Chu, A., Levinson, S., Kayyali, T., DeBold, J.F., and Miczek, K.A. (2011) Persistent escalation of alcohol drinking in C57BL/6J mice with intermittent access to 20% ethanol. Alcohol Clin. Exp. Res. 35: 1938-1947.
  • Boyson, C.O., Tarciso, M., Quadros, I., DeBold, J.F., and Miczek, K.A. (2011) Prevention of social stress-escalated cocaine self-administration by CRF-R1 antagonist in the rat VTA. Psychopharmacology 218: 257-269.
  • Shimamoto, A., DeBold, J.F., Holly, E.N., and Miczek, K.A. (2011) Blunted accumbal dopamine and serotonin response to cocaine following chronic psychosocial stress in female rats: exploring a link between depression and drug abuse. Psychopharmacology 218: 271-279.
  • Takahashi, A., Schilit, A.N., DeBold, J.F., Koide, T., and Miczek, K.A. (2012) Behavioral characterization of the escalated aggression induced by GABAB receptor activation in the dorsal raphé nucleus. Psychopharmacology 224: 155-166.
  • Newman, E.L., Chu, A., Bahamón, B., Takahashi, A., DeBold, J.F., and Miczek, K.A. (2012) NMDA receptor antagonism: Escalation of aggressive behavior in alcohol-drinking mice. Psychopharmacology 224: 167-177.
  • Holly, E.N., Shimamoto, A., DeBold, J.F., and Miczek, K.A. (2012)Sex differences in behavioral and neural cross-sensitization and escalated cocaine taking as a result of episodic social defeat stress in rats. Psychopharmacology 224: 179-188.
  • Hwa, L.S., DeBold, J.F., and Miczek, K.A. (2013) Alcohol in excess: CRF1 receptors in the rat and mouse VTA and DRN. Psychopharmacology 225: 313-328.