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Graduate Program

Graduate Student Milestones

Every year our graduate students reach a milestone in their graduate careers. Click on the links below to see some of the post-event celebrations! For a complete list of Graduate theses, view the Department's Graduate Thesis Archives (PDF).

Graduate Students 2014

First Year Project presenters, Spring 2014 (left to right):
Victoria Floerke, Allison Fogel, Lindsay Hinzman, Samantha Snyder, Suzanne Hillman,
Emily Newman, Amy Smith, Ruizhi Dai

First Year Projects:
At the end of each year, first year graduate students formally present their year's experimental research to the psychology faculty and graduate students. View photos of students who reach this milestone:
2014 | 2013 | 2012

Master's Defense:
Sometimes a continuation of the first year project, the master's defense is the culmination of two or more years of intense research.

Fourth Year Projects:
During their 4th year, graduate students present a discussion to the department that contextualizes their research within Psychological Science. View photos of students who reach this milestone:
2016 | 2012

Dissertation Defense:
The last milestone of one's graduate career, the dissertation defense is the final research project that a graduate student presents before earning a Ph.D.