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The Department of Psychology at Tufts University conducts cutting-edge interdisciplinary research aimed at understanding the causes and consequences of mental processes and behavior. Reflecting three centers of excellence, our work addresses social, cognitive, and neural levels of analysis. We are innovative and interdisciplinary in our approach and emphasize understanding phenomena that have a direct impact on society. Importantly, scientists at all levels - faculty, postdoctoral trainees, and graduate and undergraduate students - engage in collaborative scholarship and critical thinking in the classroom and in the laboratory. This synthesis, between research and teaching, positions us to ask and answer fundamental questions while also enriching our students' understanding of psychology.

Among the departments at Tufts, we are distinctive in having one of the largest majors on campus, while simultaneously maintaining one of the University's highest research profiles. Our primary focus is strongly experimental, with researchers at the forefront of neuroscience, cognition, social cognition, experimental clinical psychology, cognitive and affective neuroscience, and developmental psychology. By purposefully bridging across these different areas of Psychology, we want to create a more complete picture of the how and why of behavior, from the microstructure of perception and cognition to the varied robustness of social behavior. In both our undergraduate and graduate programs, we are highly committed to getting our students involved in collaborative scholarship at every level, both inside and outside the classroom. Our department is focused on preparing undergraduate and graduate students to ask science-based questions about the origins and mechanisms of human and animal behavior using discovery-oriented research and teaching. We are highly student-oriented, striving to combine excellence in teaching, research and advising.

If you are interested in our programs, please explore our website as it contains important information about how you can maximize your educational experience within the department. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any faculty member about the different possibilities that exist. Join us in exploring the mysteries and mechanisms of behavior.

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Congratulations to:
Dr. Ayanna Thomas, who was recently promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with tenure!

Dr. Emily Bushnell, who has been honored with Professor Emeritus status.

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