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Meet the Class of 2009 F.I.T Peer Leaders

Home State: Pennsylvania
Major: Civil Engineering/Architectural Studies & Premed
FITtest Moment: Training for the Boston Marathon with fellow Peer Leader Jackie Haker.
Extracurriculars/Interests: Running, Soccer, Skiing, Hiking, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Tutoring/teaching at middle schools in the Tufts area, spent this past semester abroad in New Zealand

Home State: Michigan
Major: Human Factors Engineering
FITtest Moment: Dominating the NESCAC Tennis circuit.

I'm on support staff for FIT and I'm heading into my sophmore year at Tufts with an undecided major. However, I am leaning towards human factors engineering. At Tufts, I played tennis both fall and spring semesters and participated in intramural basketball. Hope all of you have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you in the fall.

Home State: New York
Major: International Relations
FITtest Moment: During an intramural basketball game. It was a must win game for our team, and we were struggling with our offense so I mustered whatever strength and energy I had left and took out my anger on the court. I did a spin move which I had never tried before and spun right to the hoop which tied the game for us. It was a grueling game but it felt great afterwards. It’s moments like that when FIT leaders are born.

I'm a rising junior majoring in International Relations as well as a former FIT participant. I hail from New York City, but I am a dual citizen of Israel and the US. I like to keep busy at Tufts. I'm the campus rep for Red Bull, and I also held positions last year on the Experimental College and Hillel boards. I've indulged myself in a wide array of courses at Tufts - from "Intro to Magic," "Business of Sports," and "Gemstones" to "Intro to IR," "Math 12," and "Intermediate Microeconomics." I've also been known to bust out my Borat accent every once in a while (niiiiice). FIT's awesome - can't wait.

Home State: Indiana
Majors: Political Science/English
FITtest Moment: When I trained for a 5k race last spring. I had never run before and I found a training program that fit me so that I could run in a race in memory of my grandfather. I trained for a few months and was able to complete the race with a good time.

My name is Julie Cohen and I am going to be a sophomore this fall. I am majoring in Political Science and English. I am involved in Alpha Phi, the Inner Greek Council, the Tufts Daily, Cancer Outreach, and I also volunteer in the Admissions Office. I cannot wait to meet everyone. Freshman year was awesome, and you are lucky to be starting college off early!

Home State: Maine
Major: Child Development
FITtest Moment: My FITest moment would probably be when I completed the B.A.A. half marathon in October of 2004.

Hey all-First of all, welcome to Tufts! I know how excited and anxious you all must be feeling, so I wanted to introduce myself before F.I.T. started. My name is Sarah Conroy, and I am going to be a senior this year. I am a Child Development major and I hope to teach after I graduate, and eventually go into school administration as a Principal or Vice Principal. I am also a member of the Tufts Softball team, so if any of you females are interested in what our team is all about, don't hesitate to ask! I'm looking forward to my second year as a peer leader, and to meeting all of you. See you in August!

Home State: Massachusetts
Major: Child Development or History
FITtest Moment: There are way too many, I just can’t choose.

I'm a rising sophomore from just outside of Worcester, MA. Last year as a freshman I participated in FIT and wanted to return for some fun! I love being active and getting my hands into anything I can. On campus I've done a little bit of everything: sports, volunteering, singing, and acting. I hope you all have fun with us at FIT!!

Home Town: Amesbury, Massachusetts
Major: Psychology
Activities: Two Sport Jumbo...Varsity Basketball and Field Hockey; Kids Day Volunteer
Fitest Moment: Shutting-out Wesleyan (I'm a goalie) on their home field in the first-round of NESCACs last year...the second time we had beaten them in a week.

Hello, all! I'm an incoming Junior and was also a peer-leader for FIT last year. This year I will be on the "support staff" and getting ready for the always popular pre-season fitness tests and double sessions. If anyone has any questions about athletics here at Tufts or about walking on a team (I walked onto Bball) feel free to contact me.

Home Country: Switzerland
Major: Quantitative Economics/Physics
FITtest Moment: I’m Swiss, Need I say more...
I was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. I enjoy playing sports and plan on playing with the baseball or ultimate frisbee team this year.

Home State: Stoneham, Massachusetts
Major: Economics and Spanish
FITtest Moment: I’m hands down a better tour guide than Jeff will EVER be.
Admissions tour guide(student outreach), Leonard Carmichael Society, Intramural sports, Score Educational Center Tutor.

Home State: Rhode Island
Major: Biology
FITtest Moment: I went to lunch with two of my FIT friends halfway through freshman year, and we all showed up wearing our FIT shirts, unplanned.
Extracurriculars: swim team, ATO, research assistant, medical relief missions.
Interests: travel, ballroom dance, baseball, fishing.

Hometown: Medford, MA
Majors: Psychology and Community Health
FITtest Moment: Red Sox World Series victory 2005.
Interest: Dance, Working out, Nutrition, Spirit of Color ...and a FIT graduate

Home State: Connecticut
Major: Psychology/Economics
FITtest Moment: Hunting wolverines in Alaska.

My name is Dan Greenwald. I am a rising sophomore. My major might be psychology or economics or a combination of both. I am in the premed program as well. I fence with the men's fencing club, and am involved in the pre med society. I also lifeguard at the Hamilton pool on campus.

Home State: THE Melrose, Massachusetts
Major: Chemistry
FITtest Moment: Last year during FIT, when I won the “Double Team Award”…details available upon request.

I'll be a senior, majoring in Chemistry, Pre-Dental. I'm the coordinator for the Fun Fridays program, and I'm involved in Shout and LCS Volunteer Vacations. I am a TA for Chem 1 and 2 and I'm training for a marathon in the fall.

Home Town: Andover, Massachusetts
Majors: Community Health/Psychology,
BA/MPH Class of 2008
FITtest Moment: When I ran an 80 meter try (that’s a goal) in the first rugby game of the season!

My name is Alia Hastings and I am a rising junior and proud member of the Tufts Women’s Rugby Football Club. I love to run fast, hit hard, and play harder. I am a personal trainer and Assistant Student Manager at Tufts in the Tufts Personalized Performance Program. I teach a kickboxing mini-course here at Tufts as well as several sessions of the Strong Women Program (a weightlifting program for older staff/faculty). If you’re ever looking for me, it’s best to check the gym first!

Home State: NEW JERSEY
Major: Mech. Engineering
FITtest Moment: Getting the opportunity to run track in college… though spraining my ankle playing soccer during FIT last year is a close second

Hey Everyone, my name is Will Heitmann, and I am one of the Head Peer Leaders this year, along with Bianca. We’ve all worked hard to make this year the best FIT year yet! A litte bit about me. I’ve recently picked up golf as a religion, and I love to surf and sail during the summer when I’m DOWN the Jersey Shore with my family. I’ve run track here at Tufts the past 3 years, and am a member of Theta Chi Fraternity. GO YANKEES!

Home State: Vermont
Major: Biopsychology
FITtest Moment: Crossing the finish line at ECACs for crew this May---the wind was creating two foot waves on the lake, and after being behind for most of the course, we pulled ahead to a solid second. Exhausted and soaked, the adrenaline rush was amazing! I'm looking forward to more incredible experiences with this year's FIT freshmen :)

I'm a rising junior biopsych major. I've worked in a psych lab looking at alcohol-heightened aggression in mice and in a bio lab examining the neuromechanical components underlying crawling in caterpillars. I row for the Tufts crew team, and am a FIT alum :)

Hometown: New York
Major: Child Development
FITtest Moment: I'm a probably the nice black guy you will ever meet....well one of the nicest!

I’m a sophomore on the pre-med track. I'm part of black men's group, which is self-explanatory, blackout, which is the all male step group at Tufts, S.O.C., (a dance group at Tufts), run cross country and track, and sing in gospel choir. Medford is my hometown but I was born in Manhattan. I love to dance and enjoy the outdoors.

Home State: Connecticut
Majors: Quantitative Economics and Asian Studies
FITtest Moment: My FITtest moment was watching Ray Allen star in Spike Lee's most famous basketball joint, He Got Game. It convinced me that yes, like all disciples of Connecticut basketball during the mid 90s, I too could have game... unfortunately, I hired an agent who inflated my draft spot, and wasn't allowed to play in college after Udonis Haslem squeaked by me in the pre-draft camp and i developed a serious case of shin splints... something about him being athletic and "proven." Truuuuue story.

Varsity Swim Team, Korean Student Association, Tufts Economics Society, Tufts Hawaii Ohana Club, Spirit of Color, Lifeguard, Swim Instructor, Intergreek Council Representative, Alpha Tau Omega.

Home Town: Lexington, Massachusettts
Majors: Political Science and Economics
FITtest Moment: Finishing second in last year’s Mr. Jumbo Competition…I’ve spent every waking second since training for 2006.

My name is Noah Kaufman and I am a junior majoring in political science and economics. I am originally from Lexington, Massachusetts and am into baseball, poker, fishing and weight training. I also play on the baseball team at Tufts as a pitcher.

Home State: Georgia, y’all.
Majors: Political Science/Community Health
FITtest Moment: Overcoming steroid induced depression to win his 4th consecutive Mr. Universe competition.

In addition to being incredibly attractive, Craig is on the Tufts Tennis team and the Board of Read by the River. He is a Brother of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity and is a former FIT graduate. This will be his second year as a Peer Leader. As indicated in his FITtest Moment, Craig is the defending Mr. Universe champion and challenges anybody to a “Flex-off”…whatever that means.

Home State: Arizona
Major: Economics and Spanish
FITtest Moment: Winning the dance contest in middle school. (Thats why they call me Kerry "the rhythm divine" Lakin!)

Hi!! I'm Kerry Lakin and I'm from Tucson, AZ. I'm a sophomore most likely double majoring in Economics and Spanish. I'm involved in a sorority, Alpha Phi, and I also help with various community service events throughout the year. I participated in FIT last year as an incoming freshman and I'm really excited to be involved again this year!

Home State: New Hampshire
Major: Economics
Minor: Mass communications and Media Studies
FITtest Moment: When I was a Fit leader for the class of 07 my kickball team, "Team (expletive deleted) Will" beat Sir William Heitmann and his Fitties.

I am from a small town of Auburn NH, just outside Manchester. I am the youngest of four and I will be spending my summer interning in NYC. My other interests are weight lifting, fashion design and creation, marketing, advertising, and track and field.

Home Town: Los Angeles, California (yes, ive met a few movie stars)
Major: Undeclared Classics and Political Science Major
Fittest Moment: Beating out Kunkes in the grueling Mr. Universe competition when it all came down to the flex-off. Another astonishnig feat was my completion of the NQR, it was cold and im from LA.

I am a rising sophmore from LA. Im on the track team as a pole vaulter with Seth Lapierre and Will Heitman, ask either of them, I am the light of they're lives. Im all about Tufts, and I love boston when its not so cold that I can't feel my body, which is basically anywhere below 50 degrees. I am also significantly better looking than Noah Kaufman, and can squat more too. Im a member of Theta Chi fraternity (The Big Red Barn), and past that, well I just don't know.

Home State: Massachusetts
Major: Psychology
Minor: Child Development
FITtest Moment: At the end of a crazy week of crew during spring break on the Malden River, unfortunately not in Florida. On the last morning, our novice coach said that we were only racing one final 2k to conclude our two and three-a-day practices. However, when we finished the race, instead of telling us to "Take it in," her instructions were more along the line of, "One more time!" So we pulled through and finished our last the snow.

I am a sophomore from Western Massachusetts and will be declaring a major in psychology and a minor in child development. I also row for the crew team, dance with Spirit of Color, and volunteer through the Leonard Carmichael Society at the blood drives.

Hometown: Madrid, Spain
Major: Biology and Spanish
FITtest Moment: The most fun I had during FIT my freshman year were the kayaking trip and the scavenger hunt because I got to meet a lot of new people…some of which are now my close friends!

My name is Kacie Nakamura and I am from Madrid, Spain. I am a rising junior at Tufts in a pre-med focus. Currently I am a Biology and Spanish double major...but I love nutrition and wish there was a nutrition major. I am involved in the Timmy Foundation (a non profit organization that takes trips to help people who are in need...we went to the Dominican Republic this last year and it was awesome!), a new dance group called "Everybody Dance Now!"(EDN!) where I was teaching Flamenco this past year, I was a tutor for the Literacy Corps (America Reads program) where I was in a nearby community school, I am a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi, and partially on the Ballroom Dance team. I love skiing, tennis, dancing (obviously!), kayaking, swimming and recently running. I really love Egypt and the ancient civilization that was there as can be seen by the many Egyptian objects in my room! Right now in summer I am working with a nutritionist on two research projects about weight control in both adults and children.

Home State: Mexico
Majors: Economics and International Relations
FITtest Moment: Working as a Tufts Personalized Performance Program Trainer.

My name is Mauricio Reznik. I played four years of varsity sports in high school. My hobbies include strength training (6 years), as well as being a personal trainer for the Tufts Personalized Performance Program. I currently train the varsity teams, as well as clients. I am a former head supervisor at the Tufts Fitness Center.

Home State: Connecticut
Majors: Spanish/Psychology
FITtest Hour: FITtest moment was a weekend this spring when the crew team was in Worcester for ECAC's. The wind was crazy that it cancelled the first day of finals, so we were supposed to cram everything into the next day. We had worked extremely hard all season to place at least fourth in New Englands, had accomplished that, and were moving on to ECAC's. It was so exciting and finally all the early morning practices, difficult workouts, and sacrificing time with our friends were worth every second. When we got on the water, it was extremely windy and there were waves with white caps. In short, we battled through the waves and rowed a pretty awful race, but we did it together and came out second. One boat from another school even got swamped with water, but we all survived. It was the biggest test of our teamwork and that day I felt the most proud to be a Tufts Rower.

I am a rising sophomore and a member of the crew team and the Tufts Symphony Orchestra. I live in West Hartford, CT but love Boston. I also took part in TDC, a dance group, and Christian Fellowship on campus. My intended major is Spanish and Psychology, hoping to find a career in race relations and conflict resolution.

Home State: Maine
Major: Engineering Psychology/Ergonomics
FITtest Moment: When I climbed to the top of Mt. Washington the summer after my heart surgery. I felt AMAZING to be able to go so high after feeling so low.

Hi, I'm Amanda, and I’m a sophomore at Tufts, originally from a little island in Maine. I loooooove to dance and I'm in Spirit of Color and the Tufts Dance Collective. I’m on the Tufts Ski Team and also enjoy sailing. I’m working this summer as a cocktail waitress in order to train for my role as a FIT Peer Leader…joking.

Home State: Ohio
Major: Biology
FITtest Mile Run: Senior year of high school I was captain of track and CC teams and we were at a big track invitational. I was running the 1600 (Mile) when someone yelled at me that I had to win the race in order for the team to be in a position where we could win the whole meet. I remember the last lap vividly. I took charge and went on to win the race in a time of 4:40 and the team went on to win the invitational.

Hi there! My name is Jordan Thomas and I will be a sophomore studying biology and desperately trying to complete as many pre-med requirements as possible. I am from Cleveland, Ohio...gotta love the midwest. At Tufts I am the co-president of the LCS organization Cancer Outreach, a member of the premed society, and the co-founder of Tufts Intramural Dodgeball (which you all must come to). I absolutely love running, working out, reading, listening to music, watching movies, etc. I am very excited to start the year off with FIT and I will do my best to make sure you all have a memorable and enjoyable experience in the program. I look forward to meeting all of you soon! Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Home State: Pennsylvania
Major: Japanese and Music
Minor: Film Studies
FITtest Moment: I remember when it was a few weeks into the first semester, and my suitemates and I accidently made up the COOLEST slang words ever... "Boo That Joint"; meaning thats "whack". And yes it has spread all over Tufts campus soon the world J.

I am a member of the Crew team and I volunteer with Jumpstart. I will be involved in the Japanese Club and Tufts Daily. I will make people smile with my funniness and craziness in this F.I.T program and throughout the upcoming year. YEAH BABY!!!

Home State: THE Winchester, Massachusetts
Majors: English/Communications
FITtest Moment: That time I fell backwards up the stairs while giving a tour and tore ligaments in my knee. That was awesome.

Hey, hey hey. In addition to being one of the best looking guys on campus, I am also the tallest. I am Captain of the Varsity Crew team. I also do work study at the athletic department, work as a tour guide, and am involved with “In the Sack.” Also, I’m really tall. It should also be noted that I’m really good looking. I’m also single.

Home State: Texas
Major: Political Science
Minor: English
FITtest Moment: I've completed the Motorola Half-Marathon and The Boston Marathon and at one point in time I went to nationals for power-lifting.

I am very much a nerd and live on and I have a slight obsession with going to/watching movies. I also have a mild infatuation with bananas. Yes, I am a Texas girl and I use "y'all" a lot. Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority Philanthropy Chair, VP Tufts Pre-legal Society, Head Supervisor (one of...) Tufts Fitness Center, Cheerleading Co-Captain I enjoy lifting weights and sometimes running. I live at STARBUCKS!

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