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For current rental opportunities please view our apartment listing spreadsheet.

For Landlords/Tenants:
If you would like to have your unit or room listing added to our spreadsheet please contact us at with the following information:
Rental or Sublet
Rental Amount
Brief Description of Unit
Additional Information (if applicable)
Date Unit is Available
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Please ensure your descriptions are clearly and accurately written with correct punctuation. Do not send requests in all caps. Our site is currently unable to accommodate pictures. If your email is missing any of the above information, it could delay the posting of your listing. Listings are updated once a week. Units that violate city ordinances on occupancy limits will not be posted. Any listings that are 30 days past the available move in date will be automatically removed.

City Occupancy Limits

Zoning Laws are defined by each city and town. In Medford, the zoning ordinance allows for no more than 3 (three) unrelated individuals to live together in one unit. In Somerville, the zoning ordinance allows for no more than 4 (four) unrelated individuals to live together in one unit. More information on City Zoning Ordinances >

Notice of Non-Discrimination in Housing

Tufts University supports Massachusetts law, which states, in general, that discrimination is prohibited on the basis of race, religion, national origin, age, ancestry, military background or service, sex, sexual preference, marital status, blindness, deafness, or the need of a guide dog. (M. G. L. c.151B 4) No landlord can refuse to rent an apartment to you because you receive a rental subsidy, because the apartment contains lead, or, with some exceptions, because you have children.

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