General Information

Health & Safety Facts

Fire Safety
Visit the Campus Firewatch website for campus fire safety information. The site also provides an up-to-date infosheet (PDF) of statistics on fire causes, types, and fatalities across the nation.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Effective March 31, 2006, every Residential Structure that presently or in the future contains Fossil Fuel Burning Equipment or has enclosed parking shall be equipped, by the owner, landlord or superintendent with working and Listed Carbon Monoxide Alarm Protection. View the Code of Massachusetts Regulation governing Carbon Monoxide Alarms (527 CMR 31.00) >

Lead Paint Information
Lead poisoning is a disease caused by lead in the body that is especially dangerous for young children. It can cause permanent damage to the brain, kidneys and nervous system. Even low levels can slow a child’s development and cause learning and behavioral problems.

There is a lead law in Massachusetts that requires the deleading or interim control of lead hazards existing in homes built before 1978 where children under six reside. Owners are responsible for complying with the Lead Law and paying the costs to delead. This includes owners of rental property as well as owners living in their own single-family or multi-family home.

Property owners can contact the Massachusetts Lead Poisoning Prevention Program to get a list of licensed lead inspectors to check for lead paint. Tenants with children under age six can call their local Lead Poisoning Prevention Program or Health Department and ask for a free lead inspection or determination.

Get more information about lead paint and the Massachusetts Lead Law >

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