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Post-Professional Doctoral Degree: Courses

Required Courses:

OTS 208 Clinical Reasoning IV: Evidence Based Practice (3 SHU)
OTS 286 Leadership Project Planning (4 SHU)
OTS 287 Leadership Project Implementation (6 SHU)
OTS 288 Outcomes Measurement and Monitoring: Using Data to Inform Practice (3 SHU)
OTS 289 Integrative Paper (4 SHU)
OTS 297 and
OTS 298
Proseminar (2 SHU each)
Two Graduate Level Courses in Specialty Area (total 6 SHU)

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OTD Program Requirements:

Sample Full-Time Program

  • Fall Semester (Full-Time recommended)
    Total 15 semester hour units
  • Spring Semester
    Total 15 semester hour units

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