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At Tufts we offer a variety of programs to meet our student's needs.

Entry-Level Master's Program
The master's degree program is a full-time program that prepares students for entry-level positions in occupational therapy. This is a full time program. The entry-level master's program (ELM) consists of four semesters of coursework as well as six months of unpaid fieldwork placements. Students have the option of completing the degree without a thesis. PLEASE NOTE: Students are no longer being accepted into this program as we transition into our New Entry-Level Doctoral (ELOTD) Program.

NEW Entry-Level Doctoral (ELOTD) Program

The Entry-Level Doctoral Program is for students with a bachelor’s degree in a field other than OT. We are excited to launch this new program in the summer of 2019.

Post-Professional Master’s (PPM) Program
The Post-Professional Master's is for registered occupational therapists with a bachelor’s degree in OT. As a student in the program, you’ll increase your knowledge of practice and evidence-based research and strengthen your skills in a specific area of practice.

Post-Professional Doctoral (PPOTD) Program
The Post-Professional Doctoral Program is for registered occupational therapists with a master’s degree. The PPOTD prepares occupational therapists to fulfill leadership roles that will make an impact on individuals and groups in society and the world in such areas as health, functioning, wellness, and quality of life.

Certificate Programs
We offer advance practice certificates for clinicians in the following areas: School-Based Practice, Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation, and Advanced Professional Studies. These certificates are a series of courses in a specialty area designed to give practitioners advanced content in a specific area of practice.