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Linda Tickle-Degnen
Contact Info:
Tufts University
Department of Occupational
574 Boston Ave. 
Medford, MA 02155

Office: 617.627.5863
Fax: 617.627.3722

Health Quality of Life Lab >
Linda Tickle-Degnen
Professor, Director of Health Quality of Life Lab

PhD, Harvard University (Social Psychology)
MA, University of Southern California (Occupational Therapy)
BA, Stanford University (Anthropology)

Occupational therapy, social psychology, culture and health care stigma, health quality of life, social participation, Parkinson's disease and conditions across lifespan that affect nonverbal and verbal communication, evidence-based practice

Scholarship / Research:
I study health quality of life and define it as participation in daily life tasks, activities, and roles in a manner that contributes to individual, familial, societal, and global health and well-being. A bio-psycho-social approach is taken with respect to processes and outcomes of health quality of life. I work with researchers and students from different disciplines and countries to conduct research in a creative and collaborative interdisciplinary environment.

Selected Publications:

  • Foster, E. R., Bedekar, M., & Tickle-Degnen, L. (2014). Systematic review of the effectiveness of occupational therapy-related interventions for persons with Parkinson's disease. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 68(1), 39-49. doi: 10.5014/ajot.2014.008706. PMID:24367954
  • Tickle-Degnen, L. (2014). Therapeutic rapport. In M.V. Radomski & C.A. Trombly Latham (Eds.), Occupational therapy for physical dysfunction, 7th ed. (pp. 412-427). Baltimore: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
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  • Tickle-Degnen, L. (2013). Communicating evidence to clients, managers, and funders. In M. Law & J. MacDermid (Eds). Evidence-based rehabilitation: A guide to practice, 3nd ed. (pp.275-304). Thorofare, NJ.: Slack Inc.
  • Baker, N., & Tickle-Degnen, L. (2013). Evidence-based practice: Integrating evidence to inform practice. In E. Crepeau, E. Cohn, & B. Schell (Eds.), Willard & Spackman's occupational therapy, 12th ed. (pp. 398-412). Baltimore: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
  • Bogart, K. R., Tickle-Degnen, L., & Ambady, N. (2012). Compensatory expressive behavior for facial paralysis: Adaptation to congenital or acquired disability. Rehabilitation Psychology, 57(1), 43-51. PMID: 22369116.
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