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Program Philosophy

The goal of occupational therapy is to enable daily life activity and participation of individuals, communities and populations across the lifespan. To prepare students for this career, Tufts Department of Occupational Therapy uses clinical reasoning as the organizing framework for its curriculum. Clinical reasoning is a dynamic process of inquiry in action that takes place in the context of occupational therapy practice. In ongoing clinical reasoning seminars, Tufts faculty and students examine the process involved and the many factors considered when making evaluation, intervention and service delivery decisions with clients.

Our curricula themes address learning to reason about the needs of the Person (or population) in the context of their Environment and meaningful Occupations (PEO). Students learn to incorporate theory, research evidence, clinical expertise as well as subjective and objective data from clients to inform their clinical reasoning skills. Adult learning and transformative learning theories reinforce building critical thinking and reflective practice to deepen understanding of self, connection of concepts, and contextual meaning.

The Occupational Therapy department also is situated within the School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts, allowing for greater range of interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities for its students, faculty, and staff. The department also draws upon the extensive resources of Tufts University, our consortium of schools (Boston University, Boston College, and Brandeis University) and the vast number of academic and cultural resources that exist in the Greater Boston area. Tufts Department of Occupational Therapy has long participated in Tufts University's service learning initiative, which strives to give students the tools and experiences to make a successful connection between study at Tufts, the broader community, and beginning a life beyond Tufts.

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