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Entry-Level Doctoral Program

Tufts entry-level doctoral program occupational therapy is designed for students who have received a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in a discipline other than OT. Our curriculum prepares you for the national certification exam and practice as an OT.The following materials should be included with your application. Please contact Jill Rocca if you have any questions about the application process.

Application Materials

  1. Official Transcripts: you may upload unofficial copies of your transcripts when applying. Official copies must be submitted if accepted.
  2. Prerequisites: all completed within 5 years post degree or 5 years prior to matriculation. Must receive a B- or above.
  3. Three letters of reference: appraising candidates potential for occupational therapy. At least one should be an academic reference. Only two letters are required for current Tufts students continuing directly on to graduate school.
  4. Shadowing/Volunteer hours: the number of shadowing hours vary based on your own personal exposure to OT. We highly recommend shadowing in more than one area of practice and with more than one population (for example: mental health setting and acute care or adults and pediatrics). Hours can be documented directly on resume.
  5. GRE Scores: GRE scores are required for all applicants except for current Tufts students continuing directly on to graduate school. Scores must be submitted to code 3901 before the application deadline.
  6. Resume or CV: Updated resume or CV. You can document your observation hours directly on your resume/CV.
  7. Personal Statement: Please give your reasons for deciding to do graduate work in the field you have chosen. We are particularly concerned that you cover these points (3 page maximum, double-spaced):
    1. What previous experiences and commitments have brought you to consider applying for graduate training?
    2. What are your chief objectives in applying now?
    3. How do you think this Tufts program will help you in the pursuit of your objectives and vocation?
  8. Writing Sample: The Tufts University Department of Occupational Therapy values diversity in a variety of ways—life experiences, personal identity, meaningful activities, ways of thinking and communicating, and many other human and environmental factors. We strongly believe that the unique backgrounds of our student body helps to enrich the educational experience of our program and the field of Occupational Therapy. Please tell us about an aspect of your background and how you feel this would enrich our program and the field of Occupational Therapy. (2 pages max, double-spaced)
  9. Certificate of Hepatitis B: upon enrollment, you must send documentation of your Hep B certificate directly to our department. You may send to:
Department of Occupational Therapy
574 Boston Ave
Medford MA 02155
Attn: Bette Owen

Deadline for all Entry-Level Doctoral applications is October 15th.