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Why OT?
We all enter the field of OT because we want to make a difference in the lives of others. OT sets itself apart from other health care professions because of its unique client-centered approach. Instead of treating an injury or illness, we treat the whole person. We look at abilities vs. disabilities; function vs. dysfunction. We help others celebrate small successes as well as learn from their mistakes. We are creative problem solvers, active listeners, collaborators, and leaders looking to empower others to live their lives to the fullest.

What will I learn at Tufts?

You will learn:

  • How to become a competent generalist practitioner that provides best-practice for clients in a variety of service areas.
  • To read, assess, and conduct research.
  • How to become an ethical practitioner.
  • How to think as an OT so that you are prepared for any situation, even if you did not read about it in a textbook.
  • About yourself, your classmates, your community and your unlimited potential.

What professional skills will I develop? You will demonstrate professional skills in the areas of:

  • Clinical reasoning & reflective practice
  • Documentation
  • Ethical behaviors
  • Collaboration
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Research

How is this OT curriculum unique?
Tufts University Department of Occupational Therapy is situated within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Being part of Arts & Sciences gives our program a unique liberal arts point of view. It allows us to expand our view beyond solely a medical model and support the holistic nature of occupational therapy.

With whom will I be studying?
Tufts OT program prides itself on the diverse makeup of our student body. In keeping with the profession, we value every student's upbringing, values, culture and life story. We seek to admit a diverse cohort in terms of background, interests, education and life experiences because we believe that this diverse composition adds to rich class discussions and an overall well-rounded educational experience.

What are the advantages of studying OT at Tufts?
Nestled just outside of Boston, a major healthcare hub, Tufts provides a collaborative environment; working within both the community and university to provide students with an interdisciplinary based education giving our students diverse scholarly and clinical practice experiences.