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"I had my mom take me out
to buy several new pairs of
dress pants before moving to
the East Coast, I thought
that would better prepare me
for graduate school. Nothing
materialistic could prepare
me. Not for making lifelong
friendships, meeting
professors and staff that felt
like family, and leaving
knowing more about
occupational therapy and
about myself than I ever
thought possible.

Tufts was the ability to
constantly be a part of a
community that challenged
my mind and my body.
Applying for and getting into
Tufts once seemed like the
biggest leap, then completing
a marathon did...and now I
have accomplished both."

—Hannah Polshuk '17

Alum Nicole Picone


Tufts University Department of Occupational Therapy (formerly the Boston School of Occupational Therapy) is committed to providing students with exceptional opportunities to learn and grow as they transition from the classroom to successful careers in occupational therapy. Situated within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, our programs allow students to become compassionate and competent therapists and leaders in the field while pulling from the history of our profession steeped within liberal arts. We are proud to be ranked among the top 10 occupational therapy programs in the nation by U.S. News & World Report and continue to cultivate top quality therapists.

The Occupational Therapy department is a collaborative, diverse, close-knit learning community. Our approach incorporates innovative scholarship, evidence-based practice, and clinical reasoning to advance the field of occupational therapy. Holistic, person-centered care is a core aspect of our identity.

Our history and focus on high-impact, multidisciplinary scholarship, excellence in clinical reasoning, and strong community-based partnerships sets us apart in training future leaders. We use a reflective process to identify and understand occupational performance and well-being to develop innovative approaches that support meaningful engagement in activities across the lifespan, addressing a growing and important societal need.

The mission of the Department of Occupational Therapy is to develop, disseminate and apply knowledge that promotes meaningful and healthy participation in daily activities of people, populations and communities.

Vision Statement
We are a diverse and transformative learning environment, unified by our commitment to excellence and leadership in education, scholarship, practice and service that inspires lifelong professional growth.

Our vision, mission and goals