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  graphic Biomimetic Devices Lab  


Senior Personnel:
Maria Flytzani-Stephanopoulos (Director)
Terry Haas

Lawrence Allard (Oak Ridge National Lab)
David Bell (Harvard University)
Juergen Biener (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)
Prashant Deshlahra (Tufts University)
George Flynn (Columbia University)
Cynthia Friend (Harvard University)
Robert Madix (Harvard University)
Manos Mavrikakis (University of Wisconsin)
Charles Sykes (Tufts University)

Ph.D. Students:
Sufeng Cao
Georgios Giannakakis
Mengwei Li
Jilei Liu
Mengyao Ouyang
Andrew Therrien (Sykes lab)
Chongyong Wang, Ph.D.
Ming Yang, Ph.D.

Master Students:
Joshua Wimble

Current and Recent Postdocs:
Simone Goergen
Junjun Shan
Rui Si
Zhichun Si
Antonios Trimpalis

Joe Lessard E12, summer scholar 2010
James Kammert, E13, summer scholar 2012
Sylvia Lustig, E17, summer scholar 2015
Andrew Quinn, E11
Ahmad Sukkar, E18, Haber summer scholar 2016
Faith Wilson, E14, Haber summer scholar 2013

Recent Graduates:
Matthew Boucher, Ph.D.
George Cladaras, M.S.
Weiling Deng, Ph.D.
Kyle Flood, M.S.
Peter Kracke, M.S.
Joe Lessard, M.S.
Matthew Rutter, M.S.
Ioannis Valsamakis
Yuan Wang
Zheng Wang, Ph.D.
Peng Wu, M.S.
Nan Yi, Ph.D.
Yanping Zhai
Zheng Zhou, Ph.D.
Branko Zugic, Ph.D.

Research Group Photos:

NanoCEL Research Group 2016

Congratulations to our new doctors Ming Yang and Chongyang Wang
shown here with some of the other 2016 doctoral recipients of the
ChBE department and Dean Qu and Prof. Flytzani-Stephanopoulos
at the School of Engineering Hooding Ceremony May 21, 2016.

NanoCEL Research Group 2011-12 with alumnus Rui Si and family

NanoCEL Research Group 2009-2010

NanoCEL Research Group 2005-2006 

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