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Faculty teaching courses in Middle Eastern Studies

by Department

middle east


Amahl Bishara, Associate Professor
Research interests: media, human rights, the state, the Middle East, journalism, democracy, the politics of place, knowledge production, expressivity

Art and Art History

Eva Hoffman, Assistant Professor
Research interests: Islamic art and architecture, portable arts (on leave 2013-14)

Christina Maranci, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Research interests: Armenian Art and architecture, Byzantine art and architecture


Steven W. Hirsch, Associate Professor
Research interests: Archaeology; Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern history

R. Bruce Hitchner, Professor; Director, Archaeology Program;
Chairman, Dayton Peace Accords Project
Research interests: Roman history, archaeology and International Relations

Consortium of Studies in Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora

Thomas Abowd, Lecturer in American Studies, Anthropology, and Arabic Studies
Research interests: Colonialism and decolonization; race and racial politics; gender and sexuality; Arab and Muslim Americans; policing and urban protest


Enrico Spolaore, Professor of Economics
Research interests: Political Economy, International Economics, Economic Growth & Development

International Literary and Cultural Studies

Rana Abdul-Aziz,LSenior Lecturer of Arabic Program, Language Coordinator
Research interests: Modern Arabic Literature, second language acquisition

Gloria Ascher, Associate Professor; Co-Director of Judaic Studies
Research interests: Sephardic Studies, Ladino Language and Literature, Judaic Studies.

Rabab Abbass El Nady, Lecturer, Arabic Language

Hedda Harari-Spencer, Lecturer
Language Coordinator; Hebrew Language

Fadi Jajji, Lecturer of Arabic Program
Research interests: Arabic Language

Kamran Rastegar, Associate Professor of Arabic Program, Director of Arabic Program
Research interests: Modern literary interactions between Arabic, Persian and English literatures, the representation of violence and social trauma in contemporary literature and visual culture, postcolonial theory, film studies of Arab and Iranian cinemas.

Joel Rosenberg, Lee S. McCollester Associate Professor of Biblical Literature;
Co-Director of Judaic Studies

Research interests: Central European Writers, South African Writers, Judaic Studies

Souhad Zendah, Lecturer of Arabic Program
Research interests: Modern Arabic Literature, second language acquisition, Pedagogy, Near Eastern Studies


Leila Fawaz, Issam M. Fares Professor of Lebanese & Eastern Mediterranean Studies;
Founding Director, Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies

Research interests: Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East; Arab provinces of the Ottoman empire

Elizabeth Foster, Assistant Professor of History
Research interest: Modern France in the World, Colonial West Africa

Ayesha Jalal, Mary Richardson Professor of History, South Asia, the Muslim World
Director of Center for South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies

Ina Baghdiantz McCabe, Professor of History, Darakjian and Jafarian Chair in Armenian History
Research interests: Armenia and Cross-Cultural World

Beatrice Manz, Professor of History, Middle East and Inner Asia
Research interests: the Timurid dynasty (1307-1506), Islam in Central Asia, nomads in the Middle East

Hugh Roberts, Edward Keller Professor of North African and Middle Eastern History
Research interests: Political history: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Western Sahara; Islamism in North Africa; the Kabyle question in Algeria; the political history and political anthropology of the Berbers


Rich Jankowsky, Associate Professor of Music
Research interests: Music of the Middle East and North Africa; Trance and Healing; Islam.

Political Science

Nimah Mazaheri, Assistant Professor, Comparative Political Economy, Middle East and South Asia regions
Research interests: developing countries, oil and mining sectors, government-business relations

Malik Mufti, Professor, International relations and politics of the Middle East
Research interests: Syria, Turkey; realpolitik in Islamic political thought; Ibn Khaldun


Ken Garden, Associate Professor, Islam
Research interests: Life and thought of Abu Hamid al-Ghazali; religious thought of al-Andalus and the Maghrib; Sufism; classical and contemporary Islamic revival, renewal, and reform