about the tufts observer

The Observer is the weekly newsmagazine at Tufts. Published on Fridays, the Observer caters to the weekend reader who likes to explore topics at length, discuss campus and international news, and who seeks to explore the world. Maybe you’re interested in that next big construction project being planned for the Hill. Or perhaps you’d like a review of the ten best places for Sunday morning brunch after after a late night out on Satuday. Or maybe you’re ticked off about the party scene on campus and want to hear what other students are saying.

The Observer has been Tufts’ weekly publication of record since 1895. Our dedication to in-depth reporting, journalistic innovation, and honest dialogue has remained intact for over a century. Today, we offer insightful news analysis, cogent and diverse opinion pieces, and lively reviews of current arts, entertainment, and sports. Through poignant writing and artistic elegance, we aim to entertain, inform, and above all challenge the Tufts community to effect positive change.

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