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Saquib Ahmed M. A. Peerzade, Fabrice J.F. Laroche, Shajesh Palantavida, Hui Feng, Maxim Dokukin, Igor Sokolov*, “Ultrabright fluorescent silica nanoparticles for detection of cancer in vivo”,  to be submitted

Nicholatos, J.W., T.M. Robinette, S.V.P. Tata, J.D. Yordy, A.B. Francisco, M. Platov, T.K. Yeh, O.R. Ilkayeva, F.K. Huynh, M. Dokukin, D. Volkov, M.A. Weinstein, A.R. Boyko, R.A. Miller, I. Sokolov, M.D. Hirschey, and S. Libert, Cellular energetics and mitochondrial uncoupling in canine aging. Geroscience, 2019.  doi: 10.1007/s11357-019-00062-60

Berney Peng, Mohammad Almeqdadi, Fabrice Laroche, Shajesh Palantavida, Maxim Dokukin,  Omer H. Yilmaz, Jatin Roper, Hui Feng, Igor Sokolov*Data on ultrabright fluorescent cellulose acetate nanoparticles for imaging tumors through systemic and topical application” Data in Brief, Volume 22, February 2019, Pages 383-391.

Berney Peng, Mohammad Almeqdadi, Fabrice Laroche, Shajesh Palantavida, Maxim Dokukin,  Omer H. Yilmaz, Jatin Roper, Hui Feng, Igor Sokolov*, “Ultrabright fluorescent cellulose acetate nanoparticles for imaging tumors through systemic and topical applications “, Materials Today(IF 25), 2019 Volume 23, March 2019, Pages 16-25


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Pei-Hsun Wu, Dikla Raz-Ben Aroush, Atef Asnacios*, Wei-Chiang Chen, Maxim E. Dokukin,  Bryant L. Doss, Pauline Durand, Andrew Ekpenyong, Jochen Guck, Nataliia.V. Guz, Paul A. Janmey*, Albrecht Ott*, Robert Ros*, Yeh-Chuin Poh, Mathias Sander, Igor Sokolov*, Jack R. Stuanton, Ning Wang*, Denis  Wirtz* “ A comparison of methods to assess cell mechanical properties “, Nature Methods,(IF 25.1) 15, pages 491– 498 (2018) click to download.

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PM Echols-Jones, ME Dokukin, I Sokolov*, WC Messner*, “Improved Scanning Speed of AFM Subresonant Tapping Mode with Switched Dual-Actuator Control” In proceedings of American Control Conference(ACC) ACC 2018: 6451-6456,  DOI: 10.23919/ACC.2018.8431164d.



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United States US Patent 9,417,170.


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(listed in Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research , v.22, issue 2)

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Igor Sokolov, Eun-Bum Cho, Dmytro Volkov “Syntheses of ultrabright fluorescent silica particles”, pending

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