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News about our work on ultrabright CA-dots in Materials Today: click here


Our work on the detection bladder cancer was overviewed by many news agencies:, medicalxpress, Genetic Eng. & Biotech. news, EurekAlert, and many others


Editorial about our work in Microscopy & Analysis


Developed a new Ringing mode


A medal from this Society the Hellenic Society of Nanotechnology in Health Science


Elected Honorable Member of the Hellenic Society of Nanotechnology in Health Science (Greece).


Invited to participate in discussion orginized by IOP to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Nobel Prize in scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) and the 30th anniversary since the first paper in atomic force microscopy (AFM)


Our paper on Fractal and Cancer was selected as one of the “Highlights of 2015”  by the New Journal of Physics


Better, Faster, Cheaper Imaging (Tufts News), NanoWerk


Detecting Cancer at the Nanoscale Level (Tufts News)


Our study on aging cells was highlighted in Chem.Eng.News Magazin ,click here or here.


Search for fractal as a new path to attack on cancer:PhysicsWorld, ScienceDaily; IOPNews; Editorial of Microscopy-Analysis News; etc.


Sokolov Awarded NSF MRI grant

Oct. 2014

Tufts professor receives grant for cellular research

March 2012

Our research presentations on “Nano-stethoscope and Cancer cell research were highlighted on the Annual meeting of the American Physical Society in Boston (out of nearly 9,000 presentations): click here for detail or here;
see also the APS News Magazine

August 2011

Our work on cells is highlighted on the main page of American Institute of Physics: click here

July 2011

Our work on fractal structure of cancer cells discussed by
          New Scientist, US News and World Reports,
          Inside Science, MRS News, APS news, PhysicsCentral, etc.

June 2011

Our work ultrabright fluorescent nanoparticles: (partially supported by NSF)
                  Wiley-VCH Materials Science News (if does not work, click here)

May 2011

Our research on cell mechanics was discussed in Chemical and Engineering News (Ch&EngNews), ACS Society Journal: “Using the Force on Cancer

Jan. 2011

Synthesis of ultrabright fluorescent silica nanoparticles (partially supported by NSF) were on the news by MRS News,  PhysNews, EETimes, etc.

Spring 2011

Video interview about our research by Small Times and  click here to watch

Spring 2011 

Our Research Featured on Physics Calendar

Spring 2010

Record of sound inside insects

Fall 2010

Entomology news: Ladybug Nanophysiological Response to Flashing Light


Our research images are on the Division of Condensed Matter of APS website:

Oct. 2009

Novel Cancer Detection Method from Clarkson University

Sept. 2009

Veeco Labs Research Award, "HarmoniX Innovation"

April 2009

 “New Way To Distinguish Cancerous From Normal Cells

Dec. 2008

“Nanotechnology  cavities protection for a bright smile”

Dec. 2008

R&D  Profile in Nano World News

January 2008

Prof. Sokolov promoted to Full Professor (news on Nanotechnology Now)

Dec.  2007

Clarkson Professor & Research Associate Have Most Accessed Article in Scientific Journal

Dec.  2007

Ultra-bright fluorescent silica particles image was chosen as a finalist by the Materials Today magazine.

Nov. 2007

 Clarkson Prof & Students Have Most Accessed Article in Scientific Journal

August 2007

 Clarkson Professors in Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research

May 2007

 Researchers Synthesize Brightest Fluorescent Particles Ever

Apr 2007

(Science Daily): Scientists Synthesize Brightest Fluorescent Particles Ever

July 2006

Clarkson Professors Co-Author Most Accessed Article in Chemical Magazine

July 2006

Clarkson Professor’s “Age Reversing” Skin Cream is highlighted in Top Chemical Sciences Magazine

May 2006

Clarkson University Professors Rengaswamy and  Sokolov Receive Graham Faculty Research Award

Apr. 2006

(C&EngNews) Skin Cream Made With Physics Know-How

Feb. 2006

Feb. 2006: Clarkson University Announces Tenure and Promotions for Faculty; Prof. Sokolov got tenure and promotion

March 2005

March 2005 (New Scientist  Magazine issue 2492):  Wrinkles could be less than skin deep ( by Jenny Hogan) It is not just human bodies that stiffen in old age, skin cells also appear to become more rigid - the discovery might lead to rejuvenating treatments...

March 2005

March 2005: BBC Healthnews: Clue to helping skin look young. Researchers say they may have found a clue to how to rejuvenate the skin and slow the ageing process.

May 2004

APS News Magazine: AFM Study Shows Old Cells Lose Their Elasticity...

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