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 Learning Our Community's American Lore

The Program: Requirements

Teachers interested in participating in Project LOCAL in the 2006-7 academic year must complete the following requirements described below. 

New Teacher Expectations (Total time commitment= 45 hours): 

  1. Kickoff: Attend Kickoff Meeting (2 hours) 

  2. Pre-filming: Coordinate with Tufts video team to have your classroom videotaped (September & October); obtain filming permission for your students as needed. 

  3. Tufts Seminars: Attend 2 Saturday seminars at Tufts: September 30th and October 21st. 

  4. District Workshops: Attend 4 after-school workshops in district (3 hrs each, schedule to be arranged by your district's teacher leader) 

  5. Lesson Plan: Submit project lesson plan to Tufts by March 31st 

  6. Teaching and Filming: Arrange to teach and have your lesson filmed by May 30th 

  7. Reflection: Submit your reflection on your lesson to Tufts one week after filming 

  8. Exhibition: Arrange to present your students' work outside the classroom (school lobby exhibit, local newspaper article, etc.) 

  9. Final Event: Attend Final Event (2 hours) 

Compensation: Upon completion of these responsibilities, new teachers will receive

  • $720 stipend (payment for two Saturday seminars=$60 x 12 hours) 

  • 45 Professional Development Points (PDPs) 

  • Expense account for purchasing American History materials

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