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 Learning Our Community's American Lore

The Program

The Project LOCAL program is structured around the school calendar. Participating teachers attend two types of workshops. The Tufts workshops take place on the Medford campus of Tufts University, where teachers work alongside historians to learn and practice the "doing history" methodology, which is the core philosophy of the project. The second type of workshop takes place in each individual district. In consultation with project faculty and staff, these workshops are led by "teacher trainers" who have successfully completed the program in past years. The Tufts workshops take place in September and October. The district-based workshops take place in November through March. (The particular district's schedule is arranged by the teacher trainer in agreement with participating teachers.) Following the last district-based workshop, teachers implement their lesson or unit. Teachers invite the Tufts film team to visit at an appropriate time during their project. The team shares all footage with the teacher and together they annotate and edit the footage so that it can be published to the project website as a videocase. 

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