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 Learning Our Community's American Lore

About the Grant: Partners

Brandeis University
Jacqueline Jones, Department of History
Mark Auslander, Department of Anthropology

The West Medford African-American Remembrance Project
Wallace Kountze, Committee Chair

Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound
Ron Berger, School Designer
Steven Levy, School Designer

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Chris Capozzola, Assistant Professor

Office of Community Relations, Tufts University
Barbara Rubel, Director

The Somerville Museum
Evelyn Battinelli, Associate Director
Michael O'Connell, Director of Exhibitions

Tufts University Department of Anthropology
David Guss, Associate Professor
Rosalind Shaw, Associate Professor
Cathy Stanton, Lecturer

Tufts University Department of Education
Steve Cohen, Lecturer
Cynthia Robinson, Museum Studies Internship Coordinator

Tufts University Department of History
Evan Haefeli, Assistant Professor

The University College of Citizenship and Public Service at Tufts University
Molly Mead, Lincoln Filene Professor

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