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 Learning Our Community's American Lore

Findings: Impact On Teachers

Teachers were asked to spontaneously tell the evaluator: What was the most valuable thing that you gained/learned/experienced as part of Project LOCAL? Their responses follow.

  • I learned the power of local history in engaging students; the fun of watching students be historians.
  • Use of local history to create exciting projects that create learning, understanding and interest in local history and how it affects people today.
  • I learned that primary sources make classes more interesting and real to students. I also gained more confidence and experience with primary sources
  • Ability to recognize and interpret raw data.
  • Looking at primary sources and thinking of them from more than one point of view.
  • Learned how to access more primary sources and met colleagues with similar passions.
  • Using primary sources in planning history lessons. Also networking with other teachers in district and through Shore network.
  • Learn about this community from other teachers and community contacts made during the project.
  • Networking and collaborating with colleagues at other levels, e.g. opportunity for HS teachers who are subject experts to collaborate with generalist elementary level teachers who love history.

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