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 Learning Our Community's American Lore

Findings: Additional Outcomes

Upon review of past years and in discussion with teachers, additional benefits to the participating communities, teachers and students emerge.

Local Community

  • Development of community pride, both students and others.
  • Engaged local leaders and citizens in research, in events and in presentations
  • Made connections across generations
  • Made access to local archives easier and increased the number of people who know what is available and use it


  • Built collegial relationships among teachers, and across levels, secondary specialists and elementary generalists, all of whom teach history
  • Engaged teachers and encouraged use of experiential, investigative approach to lessons similar to that used in the sciences
  • Developed, skills, lessons and materials that can be used by other teachers and classes.


  • Created success experiences for students who may not be engaged or very successful with traditional or reading based lessons
  • Engaged students in investigation, hypothesis testing and drawing conclusions
  • Connected learning to students own experiences
  • Created interest and pride in community

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