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 Learning Our Community's American Lore


Project LOCAL was funded by The Department of Education. It received a grant for its proposal to enhance the Teaching of American History. Other grant recipients emphasized content knowledge or had short intense institutes focused on content or a specific approach. By contrast, Project LOCAL attempted to enhance the teaching of American History in 3 fundamental ways.

  1. Leverage local historical societies and community resources
  2. Teach using primary sources, preferably local artifacts
  3. Engage students in "Doing History", an approach to learning that requires higher order thinking skills (beyond memorization of dates or names).

For 3 years, teachers from the participating communities of Medford, Revere, Somerville and Winthrop have enhanced the teaching of American History in collaboration with the historical societies, museums and citizens in their communities. Students have benefited from the use of primary sources and learned how the history of their communities fits into the story of America.

District by district classroom numbers were difficult to document. Participation numbers, therefore, are estimates. Teacher participation numbers are actuals and class size estimates were provided by a district liaison for the grant.

  Number of teachers presenting "Doing History" lessons Estimated # of students
3 Year TOTALS 58* 4,450
Year 4 14 350
4 Year TOTALS 72 4,800
* This may be a low estimate as the teacher trainers in Year 2&3 did use the "Doing History" approach in their classrooms, but this number is a total for new teacher participants and does not count the teacher trainers in those years.

Project LOCAL met its student target of 4,800 students. The student participation rates varied by district due to district commitment and size of faculty. Additional numbers of students have been or will be touched by the 107 teachers receiving in-service training from Project LOCAL teacher trainers in Year 4.

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