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About the Shore Educational Collaborative

The Henry W. Owen School

Shore Educational Collaborative provides highly specialized educational, vocational, clinical and therapeutic services to special needs students and adults. Collaborating with 10 member districts, including the 5 Project LOCAL communities, Shore's mission is to develop, support and deliver comprehensive cost-effective educational programs and services that help students and adults reintegrate into traditional school environments and participate productively in their communities.

Founded in 1975, Shore has evolved into a multi-purpose educational agency serving annually more than 150 students, 200 adults and 3,000 educators. For educators, administrators and parents, Shore provides a broad range of training, consultation and professional development programs and services. These include conferences, workshops, leadership forums, inter-district meetings and project collaboration, seminars, in-services and courses designed at the request and with the assistance of school district personnel. Available to member and non-member school districts, these services help districts strengthen both special and general education programs.

For more information on Shore's student and adult services, professional development services and more, visit www.shorecollaborative.org.

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