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 Learning Our Community's American Lore

Case Library

Teachers attended six grant workshops held in September - March of each year . Following the final workshop, their assignment was to create a lesson, series of lessons, or unit that incorporated at least one method of the seven-step "doing history" methodology as it was taught during these workshops. The content of the assignment came from the Massachusetts state history standards within which they were already working, with specific attention to their students gaining access to primary sources of local origin. Teachers were required to post a draft lesson plan to the project's online discussion board by the end of February, 2005. Over the following six weeks, they corresponded with curriculum coaches who offered them feedback on their plans. When the teachers had finalized their plans, they contacted the Tufts film team, who made arrangements to travel to their classrooms or to meet them on location in the communities, where they and their students were filmed and interviewed. Following the filming, teachers were sent a DVD copy of the raw footage of their lesson(s) for their review. Where time allowed, the teacher and the team worked closely to edit and annotate the footage that would become the videocase. Teachers submitted lesson plans and commentary about the video, which was adapted and edited by the video team to best suit the footage that was available.

Technical note

These cases were created using Adobe Photoshop CS for photo editing, Final Cut Pro for video editing, and VideoPaper Builder 3.0 for the compiling of case materials, including closed-captioning.

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