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About the Grant: Advisory Board

The advisory board will be composed of individuals from each of the participating districts, including administrators, parents, and historical society members. Dr. Christopher Capozzola, Assistant Professor of American history at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has agreed to participate in the board meetings. He is not directly involved in the work of the grant project and will bring his perspective as an outsider, helping us to evaluate our successes and challenges in the context of scholarship in American history. We are intentionally limiting participants in the advisory board to a number no greater than twelve so that we will have effective and active participation by all members.

The board will meet twice during each year of the grant. In the first meeting in the fall of 2004, the board will review video-based teaching case methodology and assist the grant team in defining the objectives for our use of this medium. In the spring of the first year the board will meet to review the cases produced by the first year of the Institute, make recommendations for revision, and offer feedback to the grant team as planning begins for the second year. In years two and three, the board will meet in the fall to review any revised work and to assess the progress of the Institute. In the spring of years two and three, the board will meet to review the latest work and to offer suggestions for revision and development.

The advisory board will be led by Mr. Robert McGreevey, Academic Director of the Institute. He will convene meetings with participating faculty, the grant team, and Advisory Board to set the academic agenda throughout the life of the grant. We are committed to investing historians, education experts, local historical societies, and teachers from all the participating districts in advising the work of the grant and shaping our evolving efforts.

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