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Community Outreach

Community Ambassadors Program (CAP)

The Tufts University Osher Lifelong Learning Initiative (LLI) is offering a new, exciting initiative: Community Ambassadors Program (CAP)! CAP is an outreach service to local community groups interested in having an Osher LLI study group leader speak to their group or organization.

Osher LLI study group leaders are known for expertise on a broad range of topics and are a valuable resource to share with local community organizations. Some of our study group leader speaks are available for whatever function and topic requested requested. Additionally, a one day sampling program ("road show") may be available upon request.

The Tufts University Osher LLI remains committed to the ideals of Tufts University and the School of Arts and Sciences that the sharing of knowledge is fundamental to the success of the university, the local community, and our own program. We are excited to join with our study group leaders to offer CAP to the greater Boston and local areas!

Please contact the office for details. Phone 617-627-5885 or e-mail David.Fechtor@tufts.edu