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Learning Center

To further enhance the Tufts University Osher Lifelong Learning Institute learning environment, a learning center has been established to connect a vast network of individuals and resources that are mutually beneficial to our members and the university.

The learning center will provide an orientation and manual for study group leaders (SGLs) focusing on how to become one, what it entails, the fundamentals of teaching, how to write a proposal and syllabus for your study group and provide available support system and technology to each SGL.

The learning center will provide workshops that will build member awareness and potential (i.e. Tisch Library Orientation, Great Books Foundation share inquiry process).


Who can become a study group leader?
An Osher LLI member and/or a Tufts grad student (Scholar).

What are the qualifications?

  • Have an interesting subject to teach
  • Be an Osher LLI member and/or a TuftsScholar

What if I have never done anything like this before?
We will help you as much as we can; maybe you can try to find a co-leader or we can help you find one.

What are the requirements?
Availability and commitment:

  • Submit a comprehensive proposal and syllabus for approval by the curriculum committee
  • Attend a mandatory study group leader orientation prior to teaching
  • Considerable preparation time
  • Receive and respond to study group member feedback

What support can I expect designing a proposal?
Osher LLI in-house Learning Center:

  • Help from the Director and Curriculum Committee Chair:
    • Analyze and synthesize your study group ideas
    • Develop and write your proposal
  • University faculty resource directory

What support can I expect when my proposal is accepted?
Office support implementing your study group:

  • Assigned classroom assistant
  • Curriculum Committee liaison

What makes a good study group leader?
Knows and is enthusiastic about the subject:

  • Knows that preparation is key
  • Facilitates rather than lectures
  • Creates opportunities for everyone to participate
"The subject was fascinating, the SGL was wonderful, the class members participated and I truly enjoyed myself. Looking forward already to my next Osher LLI class."