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Mission Statement
The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Tufts seeks to engage the minds and foster the well-being of intellectually curious older adults through a wide range of educational and social programs, including lectures, interactive study groups, special-interest clubs, and more, all offered in a welcoming, pressure-free environment. The Institute is self-governing through volunteer-based committees made up of our members.

Our Philosophy
The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Tufts University is committed to encouraging and promoting collaborative peer learning. In peer learning, members share their knowledge and experience with one another; they create, coordinate and participate in study groups. Study group leaders (SGLs) organize and lead the study groups. The result of a cooperative effort of members and SGLs is a rich and dynamic interactive learning environment to which all contribute and from which all gain a sense of accomplishment. The object is for the group to "create" and "share" knowledge within the group, rather than have knowledge transmitted from teacher to students.

The Program is:

  • guided by university policies and procedures
  • responsive to members' interests
  • a reflection of an array of interests
  • a reflective collaboration with appropriate University units
  • learning-based on participatory models
  • exemplified by proposals that fall within or combine any of the three domains -- mind, body or soul (spirit)
  • accessible in a variety of venues -- on-site, off-site, classrooms, on-line etc.
  • always encouraging innovation and experimentation to tap into nontraditional models
  • a compendium of appropriate resources and support