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La Casa Latina (Latino Culture House) provides a support system to the Latino community at Tufts. It welcomes students who are interested in the Latino Culture and Latino issues. Residents sponsor activities and events to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of Latino culture in conjunction with the Latino Center. The Latino Culture Unit is currently located in Milne House, 8-10 Whitfield Road. Advisor is Ruben Salinas-Stern, 617-627-3363. There are 6 singles (for juniors & seniors only) and 2 doubles (for sophomores & juniors). Applications become available every January for the following school year.

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La Casa 2012-2013

Amanda Ball, '14
Ohio, Puerto Rican
I'm a junior majoring in Peace & Justice Studies and Sociology. My favorite food cycles between brownies and chocolate, but I'll never turn down a slice of pumpkin pie. I spend my free time watching way too much TV, obsessing about the Olympics (in non-Olympic and Olympic years), and pretending that I know how to do yoga.
Leticia Lopez-Benitez, '14
Massachusetts, Salvadorian
My name is Leticia Lopez-Benitez. I am a junior majoring in Civil Engineering. I am from East Boston, MA. Both my parents are from El Salvador. Although I am very proud of my Salvadorian culture, I still enjoy learning about other Latino cultures especially about their food and music! Throughout my life, I believe that I have been fortunate to be in the right places at the right time and this motivates me to give my back to my community. At Tufts, I have been involved in the BEST, Best Buddies, MAES, STOMP and Belly Dance
Marcy Regalado, '15
New Hampshire, Dominican
First year living in La Casa and loving every moment and every housemate there! With a possible major in Engineering Psychology and minor in Economics, I do enjoy long walks through the park of the Boston Commons and listening to the latest new releases of my favorite musicians. This's year Latino Community Representative on Senate, a Rugby player with the Tufts Women's Rugby Football Club, and Administration and Policy Chair for Senate, I definitely have my time occupied. I love my Latino culture, speaking Spanish and French, and dancing Bachata at any moment I can find. Pura Dominicana and proud of it!
Guillermo Cortez, '14
California, Mexican and Salvadorian
My hobbies are hanging out with friends, cooking, rock climbing, going out for a walk, reading, jamming out to music, writing short stories and poetry, dancing, and laughing to a good joke. Some interesting things about me are that I love, love, love, love company and having people over for a cup of coffee, lunch, or dinner to have a small chat about anything.
Leiny Garcia, '14
California, Mexican and Salvadorian
I'm a junior majoring in electrical engineering and a member of the BEST program (Shout out to TRAVIS BROWN and BESTies!). I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA by my wonderful Mexican and Salvadorian family. I love working with kids, which is why I work for STOMP. I like trying new things, but I will never get tired of listening to Mana, eating Pozole, watching Doctor Who, and dancing. My college advice: it doesn't matter if you're a tortoise or a hare, what matters is that you cross that finish line!
Ariel Ortiz, '13
New York, Puerto Rican & Cuban
I am the House Manager of La Casa and have lived there now for two years! I am a Senior at Tufts with a double major in Religion with a concentration in Eastern Religions and Anthropology with a concentration in Latinos in the US. I am an intern for the Tufts Latino Center as well as a member of the sorority Alpha Omicron Pi. I am obsessed with the shows Storage Wars and American Horror Story and hope to one day be an extra in a D rated horror film.
Josue Aguilar, '15
New York, Ecuadorean
I am currently a sophomore, and I am majoring in International Relations with a concentration in security. At Tufts I am a part of Model UN, ALAS and Theta Chi. I am also a DJ on campus by the name of Jay Sway with a soft spot for girls who like Star Wars. I am currently single so if there are any ladies out there who love Sci-Fi and Gossip Girl, come by La Casa!
Gabriel Lara, '15
Illinois, Mexican
I'm a sophomore and I am an intended double major in Clinical Psychology and Political Science with a focus on Comparative Politics. I enjoy watching movies and exploring different areas of the Boston. I like hiking, camping, rock climbing, ice skating, and a bunch of other stuff! I have to say that traveling is my weakness and I do it every time I get a chance! I enjoy dancing, music, and just recently bought my first guitar! I don't have any pets but I hope to one day own a monkey... or a dog. Whichever comes first? My favorite quote is "The only place where your dreams become impossible is in your own thinking."
Elizabeth Mealy, '15
Massachusetts, English and U.S. American
Contrary to popular belief I知 not Latina, but I love me my Latinos, hence why I live in la casa. I知 half English and half fourth-generation-Ukranian-Jewish (so I just say I知 American). I知 a Sophomore about to declare a major in Anthropology, possibly with a minor in Media or Film studies. I知 in La Salsa, Tufts Salsa and Latin dance performance team. Dancing is pretty much my favorite thing. I also enjoy photography, speaking German, and confusing people about my ethnicity and country of origin.
Ariela Rosia Westlake, '14
California, Mexican
I am a junior living on the first floor of La Casa. Originally from Northern California, I fell in love with the East Coast when I came to Tufts. I'm half-mexican, half-white, but Marcy swears that I was Dominican in a previous life. I love me some beans and rice and ice cream too! Also, I love contact sports and rough housing and I get out my aggression on the rugby field. I play as a flanker for the Tufts Women's Rugby Football club and although I am very sweet and love hugs, I also love hitting people out on the field. I am a double major in American Studies and Sociology, studying class and racial inequalities and I hope to place my body in the place where it will make the most impact in this world. To close this off, I love myself, my life, my friends, dinosaurs, dancing, drinking tea, my blanky, and most of all my family.