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La Casa Latina

La Casa Latina (Latino Culture House) provides a support system to the Latino community at Tufts. It welcomes students who are interested in the Latino Culture and Latino issues. Residents sponsor activities and events to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of Latino culture in conjunction with the Latino Center. The Latino Culture Unit is currently located in Milne House, 8-10 Whitfield Road. Advisor is Ruben Salinas-Stern, 617-627-3363. There are 6 singles (for juniors & seniors only) and 2 doubles (for sophomores & juniors). Applications become available every January for the following school year.

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La Casa 2014-2015

Genesis Garcia, 2015
Providence, Rhode Island; Guatemalan
I'm Genesis, as in the beginning. I have three brothers, but none of them are named Exodus or Leviticus, or any other religious joke you can make about my name. I do like Sega Genesis though, and the "Genesis" record (the Phil Collins band) was in fact the genesis of my record collection (get it?). I love and play soccer (go Barša!), like acting, am a part time photographer, sing, song-write and play guitar. I am an American Studies major and aspiring high school history teacher (please ask me more about this), a proud Guatemalan and Rhode Islander, and have the world's largest and most demanding sweet tooth. I also love people (some more than others), talking (about everything), music (though I'm pretty particular about this), and food (which I am not particular about all). On campus, you'll probably find me somewhere in the Reading Room reading my life away, or at the Latino Center enjoying good company and trying to find free food. Fun Fact: Uphill is my LEAST favorite place on campus.
Valeria Ruelas, 2015
Albuquerque, NM; Mexican
My first name is Lesly. But I prefer to go by Valeria! I'm actually a Ray Ban modelůJK. I'm an unconventional artist, Sex positive feminista, Enchilada Making Queen (With the Dominican Stamp of Approval!), Frequent (bargain) Shopper, Burlesque Choreo, Hermana of Lambda Pi Chi Sorority Inc., and a tattoo enthusiast. You can find me at a protest or a poetry reading, but mostly in my room drinking good coffee, Netflixing, sketching and reading intersectional feminist theory.
Soerny Cruz, 2016
Jamaica Plain, MA; Afro-Dominican
I'm a junior majoring in American Studies and Community Health with a concentration in racial health disparities because I believe in learning about the things that make you the most angry in order to ignite change in them. I'm also a Tisch Scholar for Public Service and a proud Hermana of Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc. At any idle moment, I can be expected to break out into dance. I learned how to dance salsa in college and now I can't stop!! I believe Marc Anthony has the voice of a god and should be praised as such and Romeo Santos will always be better than Prince Royce. Everything I do is for my family and Quisqueya la bella (Dominican Republic). Con Cari˝o!
Yaritsa Sanchez, 2016
Boston, MA; Dominican
My name is Yaritsa (bka Yatzi or Yari) and I was born in Washington Heights, NY, but raised in South Boston. I double major in Economics and Drama and I'm involved in the Tisch Scholars program as well as the BLAST program on campus. When I was younger, the stage was my life. I sang, danced, and acted my way through middle school. When I got to high school, however, the programs I was once a part of experienced budget cuts and ceased to exist. One day, I hope to bring back the love and appreciation of theater to South Boston, but for now, I'm learning and growing amongst some pretty amazing people at Tufts. I love love love to dance (preferably bachata, merengue, and dembow), eat, watch movies, and hang with friends on the Prez Lawn on sunny days. I absolutely live for my family and the Dominican culture that has had the most, if not all, impact on who I am today. Orgullosa de ser Dominicana!
Jose A. Lopez, 2017
Pasadena, CA; Mexican, Romani
I'm a sophomore currently on the pre-vet track, majoring in biopsychology. For fun, I love to read, train MMA, listen to music, and play some music with my friends, usually metal (I'm a guitarist). I love animals a lot; sometimes I think I love them more than humans. I am fascinating by the variety of cultures our planet is home to, and I'm always down to learn new things about these cultures. An interesting fact is that I didn't really dance back home, but after the recurring prodding of my friends, I have begun to dance at parties, so look out for me lumbering all over the place at parties. I'm from the LA area, so expect me to extoll the virtues of living on the West Coast.
Jonathan Moore, 2017
Detroit, MI
I'm a sophomore majoring in American Studies with a concentration in Social Identity, Politics, and Media and everyone calls me Jon-Jon! I'm from Detroit, MI and grew up in a big, bi-racial family of 6 little siblings (I'm half-black and half-Mexican). I'm a proud BLAST Scholar and here on campus I'm the President of SWAT (Spoken Word Alliance at Tufts) and a columnist for The Tufts Daily. I'm studying Arabic and am interested in race, politics, media, policy, metaphysics and alien conspiracies! In my free time off campus I host workshops and presentations on spoken word and creative expression in the QPOC (Queer People of Color) community at regional and national conferences. The way to my heart is relaxing on the couch binge-watching episodes of 'Scandal', spoken word performances, enchiladas, and puppies named after political figures. I'll be on the third floor of La Casa Latina with my main man Manny so if you're ever around, holler!