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La Casa Latina

La Casa Latina (Latino Culture House) provides a support system to the Latino community at Tufts. It welcomes students who are interested in the Latino Culture and Latino issues. Residents sponsor activities and events to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of Latino culture in conjunction with the Latino Center. The Latino Culture Unit is currently located in Milne House, 8-10 Whitfield Road. Advisor is Ruben Salinas-Stern, 617-627-3363. There are 6 singles (for juniors & seniors only) and 2 doubles (for sophomores & juniors). Applications become available every January for the following school year.

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La Casa 2016-2017

Lupita Estela, 2018
Highland Park, IL; Mexican
My name is Lupita and I hope you read that in Spanish because this is the first year Iím finally comfortable enough to say my name the way itís meant to be said! Iím a clinical psychology major and a child development and Latino studies minor. Iím from the northern suburbs of Chicago so therefore I say ďmomĒ and ďSaturdayĒ kinda funny. Iím the middle child sandwiched in between two brothers and the proud mom/grandmother of two dogs. I watch too much TV, I tweet too often, I have the most basic taste in music in the house, and I spend way more time than I should on my Instagram profile.
If you had told me two years ago Iíd be living in La Casa, there was no way I would have believed you. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn about, explore, and embrace my Latinidad the past two years at Tufts, and am so excited to further this personal journey while living in La Casa this semester!
Anna Rodriguez, 2018
Roxbury, MA; Dominican
Heeeey, my name is Anna Francella (you can call me Anna, or Francella, or both lol). I'm a Junior double majoring in Community Health and Education. I'm an Afro-Latina from Boston, Roxbury to be specific, and my parents are from the Dominican Republic. I'm a proud first generation college student, and I'm blessed to be a part of the BLAST program! Here at Tufts, I'm a part of the Tisch Scholars program, I'm on the all female step team ENVY ladies, and I'm a member of the ALAS club. I love to cook, Dominican food especially, and I love eating even more! I'm really into graffiti and visual art, and my favorite color is burgundy :). I love love love meeting new people and being able to mentor anyone who needs it. Once I return from being abroad in Ghana for the fall semester, I will be living on second floor of La casa so feel free to come thru!
Gladys Argueta Xiloj, 2018
Los Angeles, CA; Guatemalan
Hi everyone!! Iím a Junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering( Go womxn engineers!!) I was born and grew up in East Los Angeles and my family is from Guatemala. I have two younger brothers and I am the first in my family to attend college. I have loved my time at Tufts so far, especially by being involved with the Latino Community. I am currently interning at the Latino Center and La Casa House Manager aka the house mom. I am known for my sassy jokes and comments but they are all out of love, I promise. Ask anyone! I am also part of LaFe, ALAS, and I am a Spanish TA. I am also a Questie and a Gates Scholar. Aside from always doing homework, I enjoy going on runs, watching Netflix (I LOVE Law and Order: SVU) and listening to music.
Erick Orozco, 2019
Los Angeles, CA; Mexican
I'm a sophomore planning to complete a double major in Physics and Computer Science (we'll see how long that idea lasts). I hope to be able to work within the concentration of Condensed Matter and/or Electronics after undergrad. I grew up in the greater urban Los Angeles area surrounded by mostly other Latin Americans and African-Americans. I'm the youngest of two, or the middle child if you include my dog, and there isn't a day I don't miss home. As for nonacademic interests, I like to dip my toes in whatever interests me. This includes, and is not limited to, music listening, instrument playing, occasional music composition, advanced baseball analytics (sabermetrics), instrument construction, audio equipment, hype beast culture, twitter, skating, other electronics, cooking/baking (depending the mood), making a fool of myself, anything physics, and anything Radiohead. That, for sure, is a mouthful. Besides that, I'm like whatever. Catch me on the third floor.
Guadalupe Garcia, 2019
Hialeah, FL; Cubana
I usually go by Lupe, Lupita (Lupita^3 up in this house), Fruit Loops, and am usually accepting of many other nicknames. I was born in Camaguey, Cuba (hasta que se seque el malcon), but was raised in Hialeah (305 represent!). I'm a Capricorn. My hobbies include drinking cafecito and watching Netflix. I am a Architectural Studies major with minors in Urban Studies and Latino Studies. My academic interest really expand Urban and Environmental Planning and it's intersections with communities of color. I talk a lot, y jodo just as much. My music choices range very widely, but always come back to reggaeton. My favorite spot on campus is the hemi-cycle area of the library, you can probably find me there most days during the semester, otherwise I'm locked away in our tower (the 3rd floor). Random fact: my favorite color is yellow.
Hillary Rodriguez, 2019
Brooklyn, NY; Mexican
Hi! My name is Hillary Guadalupe Rodriguez. I am a mother to a beautiful cactus plant named after the greatest borough of the greatest city in the world, Brooklyn. I was born and raised in Brooklyn so of course I carry that Brooklyn pride everywhere I go. I come from a family of 7 where I am the middle child and it is so nice to live in a home that is filled with people at all times again. I also have two cats that Iím not allowed to have here—for now. However, I make do with my collection of cat mugs until then. I walk too fast and laugh really loud. Sometimes I joke and no one knows I was joking so Iím the only one that laughs, but thatís okay cause I own it! Walking into La Casa you can find me eating ice cream in the kitchen or hear me yelling loudly to Lupe all the way up in our Tower then apologizing to our floormates for the noise. Come hang with us in our Tower if you're ever around. See ya soon!