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Student Groups

Association of Latin American Students

The Association of Latin American Students (ALAS) is a student-run organization that seeks to bring together students that are part of, or interested in, the Latino community at Tufts. ALAS's primary goal is to meet the needs of the Latino student population at Tufts as well as providing an arena for intellectual discourse on issues facing the Latino community at large. The group meets Wednesdays at 10 pm at the Latino Center.
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United For Immigrant Justice

Tufts United For Immigrant Justice is a student group founded in 2014. We believe that no human being is illegal. We aim to address the inequities and obstacles faced by undocumented immigrants to develop a sustainable grassroots movement led by both undocumented and allies. These principles orient our demands for justice and equality for all humans irrespective of immigration status, gender, sexuality, economic status, race or other forms of oppression. We believe that this struggle is crucial and immigration reform needs to happen now in order to relieve the millions of people impacted by the necessary comprehensive immigration reform. We plan to educate and take action in order to inspire people to be part of the movement for immigrant justice.

Meetings are Tuesday at 9pm in Eaton 203! All are welcome. Contact us at

SOLES (Tufts Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists)

Tufts SOLES is an organization affiliated with MAES (Mexican American Engineering Students), which is a national society that supports minorities majoring in STEM fields. While started by a group of Mexican American students at Tufts, SOLES is open to all students. They meet Tuesdays at 10 pm at the Latino center.