Dr. Valencia Joyner Koomson
Principal Investigator
Office: Tufts-Halligan Hall, Room 210
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Dr. Valencia Joyner Koomson joined Tufts University in 2005 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. She completed the B.S. and M.Eng. degrees in electrical engineering and computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1998 and 1999, respectively. She received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Cambridge, UK in 2003.

Prior to joining Tufts, she held an appointment as a VLSI Research Engineer at the University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute (USC/ISI), where she performed research on the design of radiation-hardened analog/mixed signal VLSI systems
in CMOS for military and space applications. Her research interests are in the design of silicon-based mixed-mode VLSI systems (analog, digital, RF, optical), analog signal processing, and optoelectronic system-on-chip modeling and integration for applications in optical wireless communication and biomedical imaging. Dr. Valencia Joyner Koomson is a former Marshall Scholar, Intel Foundation Scholar and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. She is a member of the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society, IEEE Photonics Society, and IEEE Women in Engineering – Boston chapter Chair.

Graduate Students

Enjin Fu
Ph.D. candidate

Hassan Oukacha
Ph.D. candidate

Ali Mirvakili
Ph.D. candidate

Chirag Sthalekar
Ph.D. candidate


Chenguang Xi completed the M.S. degree in December 2012 and is now a graduate student at Tufts University.

Ninrat Datiri completed the M.S. degree in December 2012. He is currently a graduate student at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Dr. Ruida Yun completed the Ph.D. degree in August 2011 and is now working at Analog Devices in Wilmington, MA. Thesis Title: "Integrated Optical Sensing Architectures for Frequency-domain Near Infrared Spectroscopy".

Scott Pruessing completed the M.S. Degree in May 2010 and is now working at BBN Technologies. Thesis Title: "Power Aware Integrated Control Systems for Soft-bodied Robots in Dynamic Environments".

Juan Zeng completed the M.S. degree in August 2009 and is now a graduate student at Purdue University. Thesis title: "Design of High Performance RF/FSO Dual-Mode Transceivers for Broadband Wireless Communication".

Yiling Zhang completed the M.S. degree in August 2008 and is now working at EMC in Framingham, MA. Thesis title: "Design of CMOS Front-end Receivers for Optical Wireless Communication".

Scott Harris completed his M.S. degree in December 2006 and is now working at Raytheon Corporation.

Lab Location:
Tufts Advanced
Technology Lab

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Medford, MA

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