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ITS staff provides unique services to Arts, Sciences, and Engineering by supporting the on-going maintenance of school, departments, centers, and institute websites. Over the past 10 years, ITS staff have offered comprehensive web services that has included consultations, site development, and design.

A selected listing of Tufts web sites created by ITS includes the following.

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The departments that have come to ITS for a web site or redesign are pleased with our products and services. ITS has a professional Web Development Team on campus that delivers quality products at a very reasonable price. Many departments also take advantage of the ITS Maintenance Plan, where ITS maintains the edits and updates after a new site is created and launched.

At this time, in preparation for major changes to the University's website template and in anticipation of subsequent revisions to school and department sites, ITS's immediate focus will be solely on providing on-going maintenance support to Arts, Sciences, and Engineering. Projects that are currently in process will be completed and we will be contacting all our clients who are in the queue with projects pending to discuss their status. If you have any questions, please contact Heidi Brown, director of communications for the School of Arts and Sciences or Julia Keller, communications manager for the School of Engineering.

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If you have any questions about existing sites, please contact us at aseWebEdits@tufts.edu.

Web Services
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