About Web Based Learning

For individuals who cannot attend training courses or prefer to learn on their own, web based learning is available.  Web based learning is offered by Element K, one of the premiere providers of content in the online learning industry.  Since its affiliation with ITS, more then 400 faculty and staff have taken advantage of Element K.

Element K accounts are available for Tufts faculty, staff, and graduate students supported by ITS.

Element K offers self-paced and instructor-led courses, Brainbench exams, and technical references.

  • Self-paced courses are structured into short learning modules that allow you to learn in more flexible ways.  Each module provides a simulated environment to practice skills and will repeat until you feel comfortable with those skills.
  • Instructor-led courses are offered over a specific number of weeks, and may not be available at the moment you wish to begin.  Courses require you to purchase a textbook and complete readings and exercises.  You should expect to spend 8-10 hours each week completing the assigned coursework. 
  • Brainbench exams are skill tests that you can take after completing a course or series of courses.  These exams test your skills for a particular software application and help you determine if further skill development would be helpful.
  • Technical references are web-based versions of some of the software industry's most widely-read books and manuals.  You can consult these manuals to find the answer to a specific software question or to build upon your existing skills.

If you would like to use Element K, please Request An Account.  Element K account charges are covered by ITS and are free to you and your department.  Employees from Central Administration departments should contact uit-training@tufts.edu for information about requesting a web based learning account.

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