Personalized Skill Coaching
"ITS has been extremely helpful in facilitating my scholarly work. The training sessions open my eyes to a number of technical options that make teaching and research progress more smoothly."

Keith Maddox, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Personalized skill coaching is designed to help you learn the necessary skills so that you can apply them directly to your work. 

Skill coaching sessions last 1-2 hours.  During the session, we will review the skills you need to complete your project and allow for additional questions that you may have. 

Personalized skill coaching is available for these software applications and specialty topics.

Request Personalized Skill Training:
To request an individual/group skill coaching, email or complete this form.

Upon receiving your skill coaching request, you will be contacted to discuss the skills you need to learn and an appropriate time to meet. If you will be working on specific documents in your project, we may ask that you provide us with copies to better prepare for your training session. All documents given to ITS Training will be kept confidential.

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