Our Mission

The purpose of the organization shall be to foster greater interaction among graduate students of Indian origin; to provide all possible help and support to incoming graduate students of Indian origin to enable them to transition comfortably into their new environment; to provide a convenient forum for them to share their experiences and discuss pertinent issues; to represent, promote and protect the interests of the graduate students of Indian origin at the University level; and to create an awareness among the Indian students community residing in India about the programs, environment and educational opportunities at Tufts.

History of ISAT

The Indian Society at Tufts - ISAT, a graduate student organization, was founded in 1997 recognizing the need for a frame work to help and support graduate students of Indian origin. The society is the brain child of three enterprising isatians Pranav Garg and Sankar Armugam and Anoop Kumar. ISAT was born out of this commitment. It was a commitment to ensure that Indian students coming to study at Tufts found their new home a comfortable place to settle in; that they found an existing support structure to help them get through their initial months, which are always more difficult. Simply put, the least we wanted to do was to help students find a place to stay, and provide them basic information to carry on their everyday life with ease, so they could focus on their bigger goals. The society has grown to achieve much more than its basic goals, and has become an important cultural and social network.





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