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Research & Scholarship


IR Research Scholars Program Past Winners:

Cassia Bardos | Investigating Intersectionalities among Islamic Feminists in Jordan
Emma Steiner | Chilean Transition to Democracy In the Words of Workers: Chilean Union Discourse from 1973 to the Present
Jean-Charles Zurawicki | An exploration into how colonial interests and attitudes influenced the development, structure, and behavior of the United Nations (1940-1960

Cara Belk | A Case Study of Qatar and Al-Jazeera
Ana Antolin | The Effects of the End of the Quotas on Factory Accidents in Global Apparel Factories
Ariel Barbieri-Aghib | Quechua and Aymara in the Peruvian Educational and Political landscape
Mia Kazman | Women in Latin America
Brian McGough | Family Universalized Feminisms: A Case Study in the Role of Gender in International Development

Diryati Djaya | A Study of Indonesian Nationalism: Perhimpunan Indonesia and the Partai Nasional Indonesia
Jiahe Chi Dapice | Ambition or Illusion: Analyzing the Prospect of China' New Silk Road Project in Kazakhstan

Jeanine Sawwan | A Bird with a Broken Wing: The Link between Violence Against Women on the Ground and the Aggressiveness of States
Claire Schupmann | Life for Migrant Workers in the Jordanian Apparel Industry: A study of the impact of social-psychological factors on human and economic development

Ye Shen
Sabrina Ghaus
Yunmo Wang

Averi Becque | Examining How Access to Family Planning Services Impacts Cuban Women
Caitlyn Doucette | A Study of Aid and Occupation: The West Bank
Weiner, Arlen | International Enivronmental Security: A Gendered Analysis

Fisk, Allison
Gagne, Renee
Elliott, Victoria

Aspen Webster, Chile | Therapeutic Abortion Policy in Chile
Andy R. O'Laughlin, Peru | Finding Justice: Latin American Judicial Reform

Phoenix Tso, Uganda | Langi Women's Perspecitive on War-Related Reconciliation
Marla Spivack, Kenya | Evaluating the Efficacy of NGO HIV Outreach Education in Kenyan Secondary Schools

Rachel Bergenfield, Uganda | From Emergency Relief to Development: IGO/NGO Transition and Local Government Capacity-Building in Post Conflict Northern Uganda
Carter Koppelman, Chile, Brazil | Community Organizations and Social Problems in the Slums of Santiago and Rio de Janeiro
Zach Witlin, Medford, MA, The Philosophical Roots and Development of Realism

Ben Gabin, Chile | Human Rights Abuse under Pinochet and the Struggle for Truth and Justice in Post-Pinochet Chile: The Lumi Moya Case
Rebecca Rice, France | Assessing French Immigration and Integration Policy

Jamie Morgan, Washington, D.C. | Before and After Iraq: Public Opinion on Military Intervention
Amanda Fencl, Madagascar | Analyzing the Sustainability of Microfinance in Tulear, Madagascar Through Environmental, Economic and Gendered Indicators
Miles Mattson, Medford, MA | WIPO: Compulsory Licensing and the Attainability of Essential Medicines in Third World Countries

Stephen Johansen, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, D.C. | American and British Bombing of Germany in WWII
Michael Lingenfelter, Boston, Washington, D.C. | Trade or Conquest: Japanese Decision Making in 1941
Niyati Shah, Tanzania | Comparative Analysis of the Correlation Between Risk-Taking and HIV Status for Urban and Rural Tanzanian Youth

Wen Cai, New York, China | Legal Protection in the Chinese Real Estate Law
Karina Lorenzana, Chile | Exploring the Legacies of a South American Dictatorship: Post Trauma Culture and Mentality of Chile's Youth
Laura Elizabeth Schenkein, Boston, Spain, Chile | Cross-National Variations in Public Opinion Towards Humanitarian Military Intervention

Joanna Friedman | Women's Rights in Mali: The Discrepancy Between Law and Practice
Tara Emily Heumann, Chile, Boston | Reviving the Chilean Economic Miracle
David Metz Chilean | Economics: A Case Study of State Autonomy in Trade Liberalization
Bethany Peacemaker Arrand, Medford, MA | The Impact of a New WTO Agreement on Agriculture on Cereal Markets in Ethiopia

Maria Heifetz | Constructing Revolutionary Russia
Anya Ligai | Russian/Soviet Policy Towards Ethnic Minorities on the Example of Koreans in the Former Soviet Union