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IR Research Scholars Program

The IR Research Scholars Prize supports original, high-quality undergraduate international research. The award consists of financial support and faculty mentorship for intensive summer research work. This competitive program is aimed at IR majors (sophomore standing and above) who anticipate producing an upper-level research paper in their senior year.

To be used towards an IR senior thesis, directed research, conference submission or external essay competition, such as a Fulbright Scholarship, the prize will support a minimum of eight weeks of IR core faculty-mentored summer research for the gathering of materials and data. Awards will be granted to both students and faculty for IR core faculty-mentored international research and/or collaborative international research. The program's objective is to support the development of strong research skills critical to professional or academic goals.

Grants to students will be available based on demonstrated need outlined in the research prospectus and budget statement. Student grants will cover expenses up to $3,500. Faculty grants are set at $1,000.

To apply for the IR Research Scholars Program, students will need the support of an IR core faculty member to serve as the Faculty Mentor. Jointly, they will develop and submit the application proposal that outlines the responsibilities and goals for both the Research Scholar and Faculty Mentor. Once selected in the spring semester, Research Scholars and Faculty Mentors will work together to refine intended objectives for the design and implementation of the summer research work.

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