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Student Groups

Sigma Iota Rho, Beta Chi Chapter (The Honor Society for International Studies)

Sigma Iota Rho aims to promote and reward scholarship and service among students and practitioners of international studies and to foster integrity and creative performance in the conduct of world affairs. The goal of the IR Honor Society is to create a productive atmosphere of international relations on campus, in the community, and in the world at large through activities and initiatives related to international affairs. The Tufts University Beta Chi Chapter of Sigma Iota Rho was selected as the recipient of the 2017 Chapter Spotlight Award.

Eligibility requirements per the Constitution for Beta Chi Chapter include:

  • 3.30 overall GPA
  • 3.60 IR major GPA
  • Completion of seven (7) IR major courses
  • Completion of two upper-level courses
  • Active leadership or interest in IR

Members are selected twice per year through an application process administered by the IR Program. Eligible students will be invited via email to apply. Members of Sigma Iota Rho may also serve as Sigma Iota Rho Officers on the IR Student Advisory Board.

IR Student Advisory Board (IRSAB)

The IR Student Advisory Board is an elected representative student body who will take the lead in fostering an intellectual community for those interested in IR as well as to liaise with the IR Program's leadership and staff and to serve as a communications conduit as well as a sounding board between IR majors and core faculty members.

Members of the IR Student Advisory Board are to be comprised of elected Sigma Iota Rho officers and several elected at-large members of the IR student community. The election process takes place annually, at the start of the fall semester. Members are selected once per year.

IR Student Advisory Board Members 2018-2019:

President: Yuan Jun (YJ) Chee - A19
History and International Relations (East and Southeast Asia)
Hometown: Singapore

In addition to his role as IRSAB President, Yuan Jun (YJ) Chee serves as the Director of Tufts Sino-US Relations Group Engagement (SURGE) and the Executive Sports Editor of the Tufts Daily. Having enjoyed engaging with so many different perspectives at Tufts, YJ views his position on the IRSAB as a way of giving back to the university community. He aims to provide a platform for student conversations that often struggle to find prominence on campus and believes that the most fundamental mission of IRSAB is being attentive to the concerns and requests of fellow members of the IR community.

Vice President: Ria Mazumdar – A19
Quantitative Economics and International Relations (International Economics-Development)
Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Taking advantage of the IR Program's support for students interested in research and funding opportunities, IRSAB Vice President Ria Mazumdar has enrichened her undergraduate experience through short research trips to Kenya, Morocco, Ecuador, Israel and the West Bank, and a year studying politics and economics at Oxford. In her role on the IRSAB, she intends to work to further expand resources for all IR students as well as liaise with faculty and student groups to host speakers, debates, career-related events, and more. Ria's primary goal is to solidify the relationships within the Tufts IR community and provide more opportunities for students to exchange ideas and explore their interests.

Secretary: Siddharth Divakaruni – A19
International Relations (International Security)
Hometown: Munster, Indiana

Throughout his time at Tufts, Siddharth Divakaruni has worked to build stronger relationships between IR students and faculty and provide opportunities and resources in support of less popular thematic concentrations. His experience working with organizations such as the Institute for Global Leadership (IGL) highlighted the potential for developing relationships in order to expand and enrich the IR community. As IRSAB Secretary, Siddharth aims to increase opportunities for IR students from all concentrations to get the most out of their Tufts experience.

At-large Member: Alara Hanci – A19
Peace and Justice Studies, and International Relations (United States in World Affairs)
Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey

Intending to study psychology when she first arrived at Tufts, Alara Hanci's recognition of the array of career possibilities within the field of international relations was transformed through her interactions with the Tufts IR community. Now a senior double majoring in International Relations and Civic Studies, Alara hopes to engage with students interested in studying IR and help them find the same guidance that she found at Tufts, which ultimately led her to her current course of study. As an At-large member, Alara is particularly excited to utilize her skills in community outreach in a more academic setting.

At-large Member: Eva Kahan – A19
History and International Relations (Middle East and South Asia)
Hometown: Mountain View, California

At-large member Eva Kahan has played an active part in the IR Program since her first year at Tufts. Motivated by the lack of university mechanisms to encourage diverse enrollment, Eva wants to continue building connections with organizations on campus like the Fletcher's Women in International Security network in order to inspire underrepresented students to pursue their interests in IR. Also involved in ALLIES, an IGL-sponsored undergraduate organization dedicated to improving civil-military relations, Eva seeks to enhance ties across programs to further and better serve the IR community.

At-large Member: Michael Olesberg – A19
German Studies and International Relations (International Security)
Hometown: Iowa City, Iowa

Active in the Tufts IR community outside of the classroom, At-large IRSAB member Michael Olesberg has experience working with the IGL's EPIIC and ALLIES programs and currently serves as marketing director of Sino-US Relations Group Engagement (SURGE). Having chosen to come to Tufts with the International Relations program specifically in mind, he hopes to give back to the program so its excellence will continue to draw students.